Discovering Pismo

was sheer joy. It is on the I don’t know level of the East Wing of Shangrila. It is brightly lit and has gadgets (iPads, for example) and accessories. It has cute power chargers like Mili and was almost tempted to buy this cute one that had “eyes” which would light up in a color indicating the amount of the charge remaining/available. Husband said it was so me but I restrained myself as it allows the charging of only 1 phone as opposed to another charger whose capacity could charge three phones. But that was so boring. Just a black triangular thingy.

There are many bags for laptops, tablets et al. in the store. Husband was smitten but what caught my eye more was this bag:

Image But I didn’t get it. I resisted again. Have I changed? Instead I got this for husband because he can and will use it, he said:

Image I twas the most eye-catching of all the bags available, among them these ones:

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagePhotos taken from the brand’s website.

There’s one design I hope to find in it for a good friend. I didn’t notice it then.

Incidentally, because Pismo opened only recently (15 June), it has giveaways when one buys anything: a Pismo doll, a Pismo notepad, and a Pismo ballpen! Generous, I know.

Image – photo taken from Pismo’s facebook page

Incidentally, this also caught my husband’s attention:

Image What on earth is this?

Image I thought it was a steering wheel for some gaming console. So shoot me for being so ignorant. 🙂

Shang’s east wing has many interesting stores really!



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