MMDA along Katipunan

This morning, husband asked me to send a message to someone we know in MMDA. His text went:

“Can you report to MMDA or xxxx, one of their traffic people at the Uturn. Curses drivers, me included. Sinigawan akong bobo because I can’t make the Uturn properly. Ang laki ng Starex, it’s not a small car. I’ve seen how he berates drivers. Pero mabait siya sa tricycle drivers, pinapasingit niya sila kahit out of lane sila.”

To his message, I added: “I hope MMDA can train its people to be courteous so a reprise of that incident along Commonwealth will not occur in Katipunan or elsewhere.”


2 thoughts on “MMDA along Katipunan

  1. to Ms. Derdo,

    We cannot tolerate such arrogant & lack of ethics by this MMDA traffic authority, U turn must be done in a slow and safety manner. I ve’d drive in Dubai & UAE, New Orleans & Malaysia and driving must be done in a safe manner, turning left or right, full stop & u turn.

    I will try to identify this MMDA and talk to him. I am a bonafide member of a special task force in Camp. Crame dealing with corrupt govt. officials & men in uniform.

    God bless,



    • Hello, sir. Thank you for responding to this post. It would be good if men in uniform and those in government remember what the president himself said – the people are his boss, ergo they should be treated with courtesy and patience. Name calling is so unnecessary.

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