Restos galore

Thursday night, husband and I went out to buy bread from Jipan. Before going to Megamall I called to reserve their walnut raisin loaf: three loaves, I said. I was reassured they had it and would keep 3 for me. When we got there, I had a feeling they hadn’t kept their word. The paper bag in which my order was put was flat almost. True enough, there was but one loaf in there. I was disappointed and said so. We drove all the way to Megamall for the Jipan bread and what did we get? Jipan’s service is a bit iffy. Remember how posts back I mentioned get a chicken sandwich and not finding it among the breads when I got home? Luckily it wasn’t in my bill either but I remember having put it alongside the rest of the bread I got. Oh well. We just have to bear with it because the bread is so good. So far, two strikes Jipan. Will a third one mean “We’re outta here!”?

Yabu – if JIpan’s service is awful, Yabu’s is the exact opposite. Jam attended to our orders and was he efficient, articulate and enlightening. Per his recommendation, I ordered the new dish: the misu tonkatsu. It was very good, as expected. Pork with just the right amount of fat, unlimited rice and cabbage. I was so happy with the meal I forgot to present my PWD ID, ergo I failed to get my 20% discount. I didn’t mind though.


Friday we went to Healthy Shabu-shabu in Shang. This is now across Mercury Drug on the ground floor. As always, eating in HSS gives me a happy high. Healthy too. We got the Angus beef set plus an extra order of squid balls. I’d be happy with more squid balls actually – so good. Dessert is no longer free at HSS unlike in the past. But the discount on our meal was determined fairly. Thanks, HSS. We’ll be back. One of my favorite restos for life. 🙂


Brotzeit – son was eager to try this though he warned it was a place known for sausages and beer. I was game. For the sausages, not the beer. So Sunday we had lunch here.

The place is spiffy. Very well appointed – very clean. The sausages were very good. We ordered a platter that had a variety of them alongside pig knuckles and pork schnitzel. Two side dishes too – we chose spatzle and potato salad.

Only the sausages pleased my palate. The schnitzel was not very tasty although the sweet mustard sauce and the chili sauce did give it a kick which it badly needed. The pork knuckle’s plum sauce didn’t do much for it. So only the sausages. Best to stick to the sausages next time, I think. The spatzle was bland, the potato salad too. Husband and son ordered beer – I’m not sure how they found it. Okay, I think?

Some pictures:

ImageImageImageSee the hefty portions? Of course we had takeout thereafter. The only sauce they sent along with the sausages, schnitzel and pork knuckles was the sauce for the pork knuckles. I told son to just eat the leftovers with Sriracha. Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 5.53.47 PM


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