I’ve been watching Koreanovelas in various sites as of late has been spotty. Images would freeze and one needed to reload for the episode to proceed but not always successfully. 

Then this morning, I went to again, and then sadness dawned:

ImageSo now I’ll have to rely on my alternatives. Why dramacrazy? Why? 😦


Keeping this blog helps me manage my household and memory. Two examples:

I knew I bought 5 items in Family Mart. HHB could find only 3. I knew we had consumed 1. So where was the fourth? 

To be sure, I checked my blog posts and found that my memory served me right: 5 items less 1=4. And as I had posted a picture of my purchases, I had proof, showed it to HHB who then found it. Alleluia.

Second example:

Last night’s Korean dinner was such a decided hit that son asked if he could bring it for lunch in the office today. We had bulgogi and ssamjang c/o Maangchi’s site. I also had HHA buy lettuce, ergo when we ate the bulgogi we wrapped it in lettuce leaves accompanied by rice and ssamjang.

While having his lunch in the office, son remembered something I had served him and his friend some time ago. I recall having received a text message of thanks from that friend then. I checked my phone, found the message to have been dated 20 April. Then I prayed that I had blogged about it. HHA and HHB recalled that was a beef dish served with spinach and galunggong.

Eureka. Found the post on that lunch so we can do a reprise! Links to the recipes of maangchi had been indicated in that post. 

At my age now, blogs are a big help. Mine included. To myself. That sounds like a boast but actually, it’s more an acknowledgment of the fact that I forget a lot of things now. Disk is full? 


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