Flowers for delivery

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Time and again, I’ve wanted to gift certain people with flowers. But it had always been difficult in the sense that:

a) one had to go to the flower shop to place the order and pay – something I cannot do on a weekday although years back, a friend was in hospital so I had HHA go to Gateway to place my order of flowers with Holland Tulips.

b) delivery charges are so exorbitant. You can scrimp on the choice of flowers but there’s no way of scrimping on delivery charges.

So yesterday, a friend from grade school and high school invited me to dinner tonight. Okay, I thought it was a weekday today and said I couldn’t make it. I usually refuse invitations on weekdays as I don’t want to tire my husband by asking him to drive for me on a week night as he has work the following day. SO shoot me – it’s Friday today. I have no calendar I check regularly as son is no longer in school. Sometimes, I determine the day by which car cannot be used because of the number coding. And so on. But having already said no to the invitation I thought it would be foolish to say I was going after all.

I was contemplating on what to give my friend. I love flowers and presume everyone does too. I first called Mandarin Oriental as son got his girlfriend flowers there once and I presumed that since he could afford it, I could too. But Mandarin’s flower shop said I had to pay for my order right there for it to be facilitated. They do deliver.

Then I called Rustan’s in Power Plant. They also deliver and son was going there so he could pay in my behalf. But flower boy said today, Friday, he’d be alone in the shop so he couldn’t deliver.

Holland Tulips’ website was discouraging. Such expensive choices.

But not one to give up, I googled some more. And found La Rosa which accepts online orders and payments. Eureka. But as I’m more comfortable asking questions by phone, I did call them up first.

Cheapest arrangement is P850 and that’s deliverable for free already. Checked out their website later and found not the half dozen of gerbera for P850, just roses. I prefer gerberas to roses (so shoot me?) and so ordered an arrangement that had stargazer and gerbera, I think. I had them bring it to the resto where the dinner would be and how efficient they are. Payment via credit card or PayPal is accepted.

A few minutes ago, my friend texted and called, thanking me for the beautiful flowers.

Now I need no longer look for a favorite online flower shop that delivers. Hooray.

The website:

Sorry about the price of the arrangement’s being in the photo.  I don’t know how to cover/delete it. 😦


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