I wanted to go to Focolare in Cainta to buy some holding crosses to give away and replace mine which I had misplaced but the WM driver discouraged me, saying traffic in Ortigas Extension was bad. Perhaps if I hadn’t let on that I planned to go to SM Aura thereafter, he’d not have balked. Me and my big mouth. Though I think it was best as well that we didn’t go because the traffic we suffered going home was truly draining.

So instead we hied off to SM Aura. We were about to go in when the male and female security personnel held on to the door and said it wasn’t yet 10 a.m. It was 9:57. Oh well. In Shangrila before, we were allowed in, but then again, it’s not bad to be strict, right? They were quite courteous. But I was getting impatient as it wasn’t cool outside the door. So when the door opened again because a mall personnel exited, I asked the security people if I could go in. Two minutes more, I was told. So I counted the seconds. And at 10, they let us in. We were so early there weren’t any elevator girls in sight yet.

My sister showed me a picture of Level 5 some weeks back and I was impressed. So I told HHB, let’s go to level 5. Yikes, I was intimidated: so many construction people still. Old habits die hard. I wanted my husband and/or son around amidst the motley of men.


So we could shop sans interruption, decided to have an early lunch. At Yakitori One which I was determined to try out after I saw the menu that consisted of chicken skin and garlic teriyaki. The choices were many, I actually wanted to try each one. But I was hesitant because I didn’t want to be perceived as a glutton, so per the suggestion of the chef, I ordered the following: chicken skin (P30), chicken with garlic (P50), quail egg pork wrap (P50), asparagus pork wrap (P50), karaage (P45), mayonnaise (for the karaage P20) and yakitori rice (P48). My favorites were the quail egg pork wrap, the chicken skin, and the karaage. The karaage provides a welcome contrast to the sweetness of the yakitori, the karaage being more salty than sweet. Besides, the karaage had some chicken skin and who doesn’t like chicken skin? I know, HHA who throws them away – which drew “Whaaat?s” from my sisters when I told them about it. The pork with quail egg is so good as well I could have eaten another stick. A pity I forgot to get a stick of chicken balls which the chef recommended. Freudian slip so I have an excuse to eat there again? Hmmmmm, I can hardly wait to go back. The chicken with garlic and the pork with asparagus were okay too, of course, it’s just that I’m partial to chicken skin and quail eggs. Next time I’ll order a whole stick of garlic teriyaki while making sure I have mints in my bag.

Sorry, no pictures. Too excited to remember to take any. Next time.


Visited the grocery and bought a few items like a box of Starbucks cocoa with mint and another with caramel.

starbucks Didn’t get the variant with marshmallow. (Photo taken from The Serious Team website or post)

The gooey chips ahoy with caramel filling was selling at buy one, take one. Expiration date is August. I had to restrain myself from buying more as I was determined to go to S&R for some frozen tempura but alas and alack, they didn’t have it on stock. They did have scampi so I bought a box. Hope it’s good.

They were also selling karubi beef from Australia. A tad expensive but after trying a tiny cube, I bought a box so husband and son can try it too. The lady cooking the samples said she put salt and pepper only, but I saw a bottle of Knorr seasoning. She admitted she had put some. Trade secret? Hmmm.


S&R is such an “entertaining” place to go to because of the variety of items it carries. There was an old couple there, both looking frail but pushing the cart together. They were “cool”. The lady was in a pink and white checkered blouse, long sleeves. She had on gray Crocs. Worn with socks. Lolo was similar cool, in rubber shoes. They weren’t screaming at each other the way some old people do because of hearing problems. It was a happy sight to behold. Another old man with a cane had a driver with him. They weren’t buying much but I’m sure the S&R visit was therapeutic for him.


While shopping in SM, Uniqlo and Indochine always elicits the question “May SM advantage card kayo?”, at S&R the question is “May Standard Chartered credit card kayo?” I think having one entitles the card holder to some privileges.


4 thoughts on “hodgepodge

  1. I’ve never tried doing it but I did see the ones making inasal across our house brush the inasal with something yellow using banana leaves fashioned into a brush!

  2. So you have to go to Cebu or Manila for your “proper” grocery fix? I can relate. In my hometown before, only margarine was sold. Star margarine, not Dari Creme man lang. So if I hurriedly wanted to bake a cake, guess what I used? 🙂 A friend who was living in the city north of where I lived constantly teased me about it. Because they had a store in that city that had a refrigerator and therefore sold butter.

  3. I love reading your grocery shopping posts kasi nami-miss ko na ang isang “proper” grocery/supermarket, you know, where I can find all that I need in one huge place.

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