Draft the second time around

Had lunch here last Sunday. Son ordered the mussels – laksa. Husband ordered baked fish salad. I ordered the pork thing with cheese. Husband’s and my orders were at P299 with Draft iced tea. Not bad. And I loved my order. Yummy.

For appetizer we had croquettes that had ham, cheese and chicken all in one. Served with mayo or was that sour cream? Lacked a kick so we asked for Tabasco and it certainly picked up.

Service at Draft though is a bit slow. Orders come one at a time. Son felt guilty about starting on his mussels because our orders had not come yet. Also, when one asks for the bill, it takes a long time to come. I think I know why.

The cashier is in the open air section of the resto. We ate in the air conditioned section. So server brings the receipt with the orders to the cashier. Then he/she goes back in to wait on tables. So you see her without your invoice yet. So you remind her. Then and only then does she go back to the cashier for it. You check the bill, give cash or your credit card, give this to the server who then goes back to the cashier. Then he/she re-enters the enclosed portion of the resto. Then you see him/her and ask for your change.

******** Time stands still meanwhile. Or does it?


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