This is the long-awaited crema di parmigiano reggiano tartufo obtainable from Epicerie on the ground floor of Power Plant across Via Mare from the inside. It’s a decided wow. Tonight at dinner I had this and a few slices of Jipan’s walnut raisin loaf (as opposed to French bread). Bought by my sister for me at the SM Megamall branch. Wonder if their Glorietta branch is open now.




The chicken leg was cooked in the Philip’s Air Fryer, M. Recipe came from the booklet that came with the fryer. Quite good. No oil used though HHA said she brushed the drippings on the chicken so it wouldn’t be dry. Not crisp, though, if that’s what you’re looking for. But it can fry to a crisp – potato chips, we’ve tried.




Oops, picture below is the bread from Jipan. Wrong order of pictures.




Found this Reese’s butter cup in (?) white chocolate in S&R. For son. But I asked to have one and guess what? It reminded me of Choc-Nut. Declasse?






The box used to have chocolates in them, right C? I got to eat two: one that had Mangga written on it – it had a fruity taste or was my mind preconditioned by the fact that it had that word written on it? I also had the thing with almond slivers. Then these two were left. And it was only upon seeing them that I realized each had something written on it following a certain theme? Or random? I recall the one I ate, yes I ate another pala had this circle with an arrow. Okay, sue me, is that the symbol for female? Whatever. It was good. Bought in Thailand, right C? Oh yes, the two holdouts are no more. I gave son Facebook (he likes white chocolate), I ate Twitter.





WAZE – son along with several others of his generation has been swooning about the merits of this phone app. OH but wait, I’m not sure if he has stopped swooning after it took him 2.5 hours to get home because he was led to Taguig from Makati on the way to QC. Supposed to have been a faster route but for the fact that one road was one-way only.

So what is Waze? I don’t want to sound like YES magazine which quotes from wikipedia so I’ll just try to explain it after my experience of it. INitially, I thought it was merely like Carnavy that leads you to a destination of your choice, but Waze is more. It’s real time so through the contributions of others that use it, one gets an appreciation of what lies ahead – what route to take, where traffic is at a standstill, heavy or moderate, etc.

Now look at the symbol below. The orange thingy below the yellow arrow. I thought they were sections of a caterpillar or a centipede. Honest. Until last Sunday when son and I were simultaneously using the app. I said the caterpillar. And he was quiet. So I looked again – ugh. They’re not sections of a caterpillar but tiny cars – like the beetle lined one behind the other. My eyes, my eyes.





And the blue symbol below – I thought/think it was/is a pig with a snout. So what is it, exactly?






At any rate, here’s what the various symbols used in Waze stand for. I can look at them more closely here than in my phone.







4 thoughts on “Various

    • Lazy to paraphrase… or scared to make a mistake? Or maybe wants to come off as learned?

      Thanks for sharing my perception of the icon. That makes me really glad…. 🙂

  1. I’m not yet through reading the post, but I have to say this na: I laughed so hard when you said, “I don’t want to sound like YES magazine which quotes from wikipedia so I’ll just try to explain it after my experience of it.” I know YES isn’t an STM publication, but still I find it icky when they quote from Wikipedia.

    • I cringe because they do it too often. The first time I saw them do it, I smiled. Thereafter, it became too much. I don’t buy YES anymore.

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