What’s ramen? Can it be used as all encompassing to refer to any Oriental noodle dish? if yes, then my first taste of it was back in the 1980s circa Ling Nam and Plaza resto near Glorietta. I’ll never forget the latter’s asado soup which my Chinese friend introduced to me. That was heavenly.

truth to tell though, I don’t/cannot ever finish eating all the noodles in my order. Too heavy. And too unwieldy. So, after getting the meat and certain vegetables from whatever I order, the noodles and the broth stay behind in my bowl.

In recent months son introduced ramen to our lives. We started out with Ramen Bar in Eastwood.  I’ve always ordered RBS something which has a little of everything. And enjoyed it. Then he brought us to Ukokkei where the surly owner was counting his day’s sales and looked surly even from the back. I didn’t enjoy that at all as the would have been choice of son had run out. But to this day, son still swears by the ramen of said resto. And he’s the expert.

Tried and enjoyed Roku’s ramen for a spell. Until yesterday. I don’t know why that was. It somehow failed me. I ordered the one with shoyu, not miso broth. I cannot recall what I used to have that enjoyed so much. I was sad.

When son came home I told him about my experience. And I tried to rationalize my change of heart. Was it because I had eaten at Ikkoryu in Shang’s east wing? What I’m trying to say is that I’ve found a new standard against which to compare ramen? Funny because I had come across reviews of Roku and was always incredulous that these were mostly not enthusiastic. But now, I guess, I am similarly inclined. 😦

Am I ready for Ukkokei? Are my taste buds?

To be fair, Roku’s salmon sushi with cream cheese was good.


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