The story of a mouthwash

The title is hardly accurate but I’m too lazy to come up with a more apt one. My story:

Time was when mouthwash meant this:


Then other brands emerged.

So Listerine came up with new variants, among them this:

Image which is what we’re using now. 

Last night, son came out of the bathroom his eyes looking flushed like he had just cried, and he was shaking his head. He said, “grabe.” I said, “Hay salamat” after he explained his look. He had used the Orange Listerine for the first time and said “ang tapang.”

SO why did I smile? Misery loves company. I have this propensity to try out new things and sometimes this has proved to be my undoing. As with Listerine orange. I gag each time I used it. I feel like throwing up until I manage a burp. I thought it was just I and my blocked sinuses or maybe a deviated septum. But with the same product evoking the same reaction from son? Now I know it’s not just I.

I’ll go back to Astring-osol – the normal or green one. I remember Listerine Green Tea also drew the same reaction for me at the start but eventually I could take it. Son liked Green Tea from the very beginning.


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