Unang Hirit and then some

It’s been a long time. For weeks now, maybe months, I only watch UH while having breakfast which may mean 15 minutes, before I turn off the TV and watch my Koreanovelas. But with dramacrazy now gone and the others uploading subs so slowly, I decided to leave the TV on while I proceeded to do my cross-stitch. Since I do it without my glasses on, the TV provided mostly peripheral noise unless the topic proved interesting.

One was the feature on tarantulas. It was orange and black and not as scary because the one handling it was so casual about it. Drew refused to touched it; I’d have done the same.

Ivan Mayrina interviewed the topnotcher of the nursing licensure exam. Someone from Cebu. The usual questions were asked – how she prepared for it and what she intended to do  afterward. She said she realized she had many options available after all: she could pursue medicine or even take up law. I was taken aback there but well, what a refreshing answer to hear. Then IM asked, what message would you like to give others like you, that they should serve the country first? Oh boy, here it happens all the time – leading questions that almost pressure one to say “yes, okay.” But this board topnotcher, as her body language showed, was listening intently. And she’s a topnotcher, right? So she was not to be cowed. She answered, “sa kanila na yun.” Yehey, not a moralizing individual this person is. Hooray for her. Read this interview of hers here

Fast forward to Lynn Ching’s interview of this young lady – a grade school student who topped the Math contest abroad. LC asked her how the competition was. Was it hard? She tried to lead the young lady to say yes. The young lady was hesitant but she was not cowed. She said, “okay lang.” I smiled as I heard her say that. She won, right? It must have been a cinch for her, so why force her to say she found it difficult? To make her victory sweeter?

Further, UH let this young lady answer three  equations. Written on 3 cartolinas mounted on easels. Okay so she looked at them while Drew tried to answer the same using a calculator. Lynn showed the answer on screen – I don’t know if the young lady saw it because at one point, Lynn was not hiding the answer. Regardless, what I have an issue about is how after flashing the cartolina with the equation for solving ever so briefly, the camera veered away from the equation. So people at home like myself couldn’t test our mettle in answering the equations. I thought the situation would be corrected by the second easel. But same thing. Camera panned on the cartolina even more quickly. And the third wasn’t shown close up at all. Was it the camera man’s fault?

One time, son and husband were watching UAAP on TV. And what was shown was not a good angle or something. Son said it’s not the camera man’s fault but that of the one handling the controls who determines which angle to show on TV. Apparently, Philippine media still has a lot of learning to do.

As for asking leading questions, that’s not a “feat” limited to Filipino anchors alone. A few days ago, after the crash of an Asiana airplane in the US, the anchor interviewing Richard Quest was trying to lead him on to say something. But RQ is an intelligent being and he was fair. So he didn’t bite the bait. Son and I noticed this simultaneously after which son said the anchor was doing what he was being paid for: trying to sensationalize the news.


11 thoughts on “Unang Hirit and then some

    • Really? I clicked their FB page which they gave a link to when they closed down but they deny it’s theirs. I’ll check it out. Thanks Susan. 🙂

    • Hi Susan. Thanks for the suggestions. I miss dramacrazy. But I’m glad goodddrama is still around. Epdrama also had problems the other day, I have a feeling it might go the way of mysoju and dramacrazy. 😦

      I hope I can “follow” the steps you listed down. Sometimes I am so dense. But for the love of Koreanovelas, I’ll work on it.

      Thanks again!

      By the way, am enjoying I Can Hear Your Voice immensely. I hope she ends up with the young man instead of the ex-policeman.

      Have you began to watch Goddess of Marriage? I like it too. I started watching Scandal but was so disheartened when I realized its main theme is revenge. 😦

    • Susan, I can’t thank you enough for many things, esp for recommending I Hear Your Voice and sharing the link where I can download it. I watch it even without subs after downloading and then watch it again when it’s shown subbed in gooddrama. I have to figure out the rar files for now. Kilig. I hope she and the Su Ha end up with each other. 🙂

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