I was really scared out of my wits an hour or so ago.

Our routine: Aircon is on most of the day or night but I usually turn it off for a short while when husband and son leave for work. But before they go, husband usually turns on the fan and directs it toward him for added breeze as he changes.

This morning, after he left, I felt I needed the added breeze. So, I asked HHB to direct the fan that husband had left on toward me in bed. She did. And shortly after, a scary thing happened.

My left eye (nearer the fan than the right) turned really itchy. Not red but really itchy. So I honked the horn to call HHA to come and turn it off. Failing to get her to come, I honked HHB’s code. It was several times I had to do it before finally, she came. By then my eye was really red. The left eye. And it had turned small – in ilonggo we call that pirot. Then I could feel bumps under it. Then I saw bumps between my eyes. Then my right eye turned red. And then puffy. Uh oh – the doctor-averse me wanted to go to the ER for relief. Things were happening so quickly and I was at a loss.

Plus the itch was really scarily bad. And the puffiness.

I tried to calm down and hoped Benadryl would help. But I knew I had to take something before taking Benadryl. IN the meantime, I asked HHB for the Spersadex eye thingy stored in the ref. The last time I used this, I had red eyes but not puffiness. Then a dose of Benadry.

I attempted to relax some more. HHB took it upon herself to get me ice to soothe the itch. I called my sister whose eyes were often pirot (the stage an eye looks like after prolonged crying) when she was in grade school. She also suggested the cold compress.

Finally I texted cousin and told her about the experience. She’s a doctor and she told me to put Sperra for allergy, continue with the Benadryl (3x a day) and ice. I’m presuming Sperra was short cut for Spersadex.

I feel better now – itch all gone, redness too. But the puffy feeling remains.

I just checked. The puffiness has dissipated considerably. Like I cried for just an hour instead of 10 hours.

Whew. Just thought of sharing in case any of you experience this. It was terribly scary because of the speed at which things progressed.

To summarize, relax, take Benadryl and put drops for allergy in the eyes. Ice compress too.

No this is not an endorsement for Benadryl.

Now why the title? Earlier she said it might be sore eyes. Then she texted again, hopefully it’s just allergic conjunctivitis. Not as bad as sore eyes, I guess she meant. I texted her re the bumps and she said it might have been caused by “allergy to fomites.” First time I had heard of the word. Its definition follows – from the dictionary in my laptop. Wonder if dust mites can be considered fomites.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 7.54.29 AM


3 thoughts on “Fomites

  1. Spersadex is good. I also used this when I had sore eyes before per the recommendation of an eye doctor. If it’s not available, a cousin-doctor also recommended Spersallerg. I haven’t tried it yet though.

  2. I hope you’re okay now.
    I’m going to try that Spersadex eye drops. My eyes are constantly itching lately, which I attribute to some allergies. Though I notice that they get particularly itchy after eating squid.

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