A few restos briefly

Last week, husband, son and I went to Ukokkei in Pasay Road. My first experience in it had been stressful. It was drizzling and dark then, the entree son wanted was unavailable: tantanmen. So I couldn’t imagine why son was raving about it. What I ordered then as far as I can remember was ramen with a lot of butter. I could also not forget the owner counting his earnings for the day, unsmiling in the counter.

So last Sunday when son asked to go there, I agreed with a heavy heart.  To compound matters, there was no table available and most tables hadn’t yet been served. But well, we were there and chose to wait it out as did several others who came after us. And finally, after more than 30 minutes of waiting, we got a table and I ordered what son said was Maxene Magalona’s favorite: chyashu with miso broth. And I fell in love. With Ukokkei. The broth was rich and flavorful. The pork slices were great tasting. And the scorched garlic was black but not bitter. As expected, I brought home my leftover but they refused for us to take home the extra boiled egg we ordered lest it spoil. Can’t wait for the next trip to Ukokkei. I just hope though that we won’t have to wait as long.


Bulgogi Brothers has new entrees. Yesterday, husband and i had a really late lunch in virtually deserted Greenbelt. Mid-afternoon, parking was easily available. At BB we ordered chicken that was teriyaki-like for husband, I ordered pork bulgogi sort off. These were cheaper than the usual entrees, the former at P300 plus and the latter at P200 plus. We also ordered bibimbap.

I like the corn based tea in BB. As a rule, I don’t take tea but this one I could. Hope I can drop by some Korean supermarket soon and buy some.


Lunch today was at Spaetzle. Fourth level, East wing of Shangrila. It’s a European type of resto that reminds me of Marche in Singapore. It serves rosti (which they spell roesti). Son ordered rosti with fish, husband had rosti with meatballs, I had the breakfast rosti that had steak. we also ordered the fries with cheese and marinara sauce as we were warned the rosti would take 15 minutes to prepare.

Verdict – I had to return my order as the beef was tough – chewing gum tough. I had to wait a long time for a new batch to be served, this time with rosti. My earlier order they had served with spaetzle even though I had specified rosti. Cooked medium rare the second time around, I liked it. I also liked the meatballs with cheese. Son though said he wasn’t too impressed with the resto.


Last week, we also tried out Galbi on the 5th level of the east wing in Shang. We ordered bulgogi table top version. I thought that meant grilling the bulgogi in front of us but I was wrong. The other option was grilled bulgogi and I should have taken the hint. The table top bulgogi had broth. It was good. The bibimbap we chose had spicy pork and could well have been our only viand. Quite filling.

Like Spaetzle, Galbi is on soft opening so there are kinks to be ironed. In fact, we were served three appetizers only while the next table was served six kinds. When I pointed this out, we were assured we’d be served the remaining three. But I had to remind them thrice more for this to eventuate. NO we didn’t walk out but the table next to us, the one that was served six kinds, walked out. Too long waiting time, I believe they complained.

Like Spaetzle, Galbi only accepts cash transactions.


Oops, I forgot. we had dinner in Mr. Kurosawa the other night. Finally tried the Japella – ebi and chicken– Sui. It was good. Unlike the usual paella it had seaweed strips. And it was not saffron colored but possibly, tomato sauce or ketchup tinged? Regardless, it was good. Also had the beef teppanyaki which was tender. I said “so little” leading son to remark, “You said that also before.” For sushi we had the crunchy kani. That was good and crunchy. ALso ordered the sushi with scallops and cheese. We are cheese fiends. I think husband had fish? I can’t recall now.


Sorry, no photos.


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