Neither here nor there

There are times when one goes to a mall and sees no one one recognizes. But there are instances when one sees a public figure, someone from showbiz, etc.

Weeks back, we were having lunch in a German resto in Shang when I saw this morning show host. I called out to her. Brazen of me? well not really. I was years back when I introduced myself to her as my sister’s sister. I know her older sisters courtesy of my sisters, besides. She was not uber friendly but she wasn’t snobbish either.

in FB last year, I sent her a message as her son had given the husband a Christmas card. I wouldn’t have known it was her son except that the photo in said card was a family picture. 🙂 This time she was warmer. And in the resto, she called her husband to introduce us and my son was shocked. How come she knows you, he asked. I said because I’m your aunt’s sister. Son added but she even knows your name. I said, FB. He shook his head.


This afternoon, at Shang again (I am a stockholder – joke. How I wish), husband said “O, si Secretary Lacierda.” I looked and saw him. When he saw me looking, he smiled. Husband noticed. He asked, “Does he know you?” I said no. Son who was following on our heels remarked, “he smiled at you. Does he know you?” I said no. So why did he greet you? I explained, maybe he saw that I recognized him.

Public figures who manage a smile touch me. Some don’t bother. Some even turn the other way around. As if I care except to develop the opinion that oh, so who does she/he think she/he is? But that’s bad of me. So okay, live and let live.

So there.

After posting the above, I visited FB. And look at what I chanced upon in my cousin’s wall:

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 11.06.24 PMA funny incident though that makes me think twice about greeting people who I’m sure knew me in the past but whom I have not seen in ages is this vignette a friend shared. In our school one day, just years ago, ergo decades after graduation, she called out to a campus figure by his first name. He retorted, “And who are you?”


Ouch. Cringe.


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