LIke many others, I’ve been watching out for the birth of the prince. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I mean, slept at 10, woke up a little past 11, fell asleep shortly, woke up at midnight, etc. Around 2 a.m., I saw an email from NY Times that said the wait would soon be over. I didn’t read it through. I didn’t want to read about the impending birth, I wanted to read about THE birth. At around 4 a.m., I checked again. Same email from NY Times. I opened it this time and realized I should have done so earlier because its title belied its content which announced the birth of the prince. Husband by then was in the sala, working or surfing, I don’t know. I texted him “It’s a boy.” Sure enough, he came in and knew what I was talking about. He asked how I found out. I said NY TImes emailed because we’re close. TPS, you’re way out of my league. You got your news direct from the parents. Your mom from the spare, right? 🙂


Today I checked out photos of the SONA yesterday. Yes, the photos, not the speech. And the winner is:


from spot.ph

Simple yet elegant Dawn. No outrageous makeup, Filipiniana without trying too hard. Effortless. Way to go, Dawn.

Now I’m waiting to catch a glimpse of the infant prince. While normally when the husband is asleep I’d turn off the TV, it has been on for hours now. I don’t want to be “late”.



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