School 2013

While waiting for the episodes of those I’m currently viewing, namely: I Summon You, Gold; You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, I Hear Your Voice, and Goddess of Marriage, I’ve been looking around at and

I’ve watched Paradise the movie and it’s okay, rather light. The young lady in it has since grown up. Picture below is of her in Paradise


In May Queen


IN School 2013 are the male lead in I Hear Your Voice. In IHYV he is a good boy just as he was in School 2013.


Also in School 2013 is the funny assistant who’s in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin.



He’s a bad boy in School 2013 though:



And so many other familiar faces: the old lawyer in I Hear Your Voice


 the male and female leads of Baby-Faced Beauty



There’s this guy too from A Gentleman’s Dignity:


and my favorite in The Temptation of Wife where she played a character who was a bit slow but lovable:



School 2013 as of the first episode paints the direst picture of a public school where the students are unruly and uncontrollable. How closely it resembles reality all over the world, I’m not too sure. It’s a sad picture really…





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