Teriyaki boy delivers

Son had been eating out for several nights with clients and by the nth night he begged off. He was tired. I asked what he wanted for dinner and he said Teriyaki Boy.

This took me aback as the last time we ordered, the kakiage was tough as nails. Nonetheless, I ordered ebi tempura and California maki which he asked for, added gyoza, fried rice, plain rice, asparagus with bacon. Here at home I head HHA prepare salmon sashimi bought for less than 600 pesos a kilo in S&R. No, she didn’t cut up an entire kilo, just enough. I have her do this as resto sashimi is just so expensive.

Before ordering through the hotline I called the Katipunan branch for the number. The hotline number is a tad difficult to recall and when the order taker asked where I got the number I said Katipunan and remarked how difficult the number was to such that I had already forgotten it. I could hear her smile as she apologized. When our order came, this tagged along:



As for the food? Never better. Everything tasted fresh!





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