Applying Make-up

No, I’m not going to teach you how. At my age, I’ve not learned and I don’t think I will. Ever.

But yesterday, while driving along Buendia, husband said “Look at that girl in the motorcycle. She’s putting on makeup.” Whaaaaaaaat? She was riding behind her husband/boyfriend/partner. The red light was on and there she was, taking advantage of the pause by applying makeup. I guess she was on her way to work. She put on powder, lipstick, eyeliner. And I don’t know what else. Trust a woman to maximize her time. Regardless of place.

The above incident I recount segues to this video I saw of Paolo Ballesteros putting on makeup to make him look like Marilyn Monroe. Paolo is an artist – he draws/paints and why can’t his face be his canvas, right?

The video which I read was taken by Belle Daza:


2 thoughts on “Applying Make-up

    • My son liked his Mariah Carey. There was mention of his Audrey Hepburn look – that one I’m curious about.

      He had a Anne Hathaway look? I must find that.

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