K-pub barbecue


photo (4)

This is along the Fort Strip, same building as Tony Roma’s, Sichuan something, etc. Son had seen it during his previous excursions to the place. K-pub, K for Korean, has two kinds of buffet – one priced at P499 and the other for P899. It has  a la carte dishes as well. We had the lower priced one that was more than enough. We were given appetizers – six kinds, refillable: the usual dilis with peanuts, kimchi, either camote or squash, etc. Then miso soup. Salad. And bottomless meat slices for grilling – chicken, pork, beef. Several kinds of sauces. A choice of kimchi or steamed rice. Sodas don’t come free but are refillable. There’s a limit of an hour. Forty-five minutes into your meal, you are supposed to be warned because it is then that you get your last serving of meat, I think. Any extensions beyond an hour means an additional P100 I think. The other buffet option comes with other kinds of meat plus bibimbap, among others. if one is hungry, one could get his/her money’s worth easily. Service is cordial, everyone is ready to help. There were a few Koreans employed. How did we guess? Son said something in Tagalog to this female server and she asked, “Please speak English. I can’t understand.” The place is huge. On the second level are photos of K-pop artists, I think. No sign of Lee Min Ho, though. Several screens had on music videos.


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