Risoni and Lamb for dinner

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Sunday lunch at K-pub barbecue where we had grilled meat galore made us not want to look at meat that day. So Sunday dinner, I ordered from Conti’s in Katipunan which delivers.  Like my classmate whom I lunched with in Conti’s the previous day, I ordered just appetizers for dinner: gambas, calamares, mussels and soft shell crab. Sauce for calamares was mayo based, for crab, vinaigrette.

Verdict: gambas was excellent. Calamares was okay. Mussels were very good – huge New Zealand ones, soft shell crab – some had a Dijon mustard or wasabi taste. Others didn’t, luckily for me. I had the leftovers for lunch yesterday.

Thinking of what to serve for dinner put me in a quandary. What would not be reminiscent of grilled barbecue?

HHA reminded me we had lamb. And I thought we might still have uncooked risoni. So I looked for recipes and found the above. While I told HHA to cook 1/2 of the 1/2 risoni remaining, she forgot and cooked what was left in the box. She apologized. When son saw it he said (sounding just like me) – we’ll have to eat that over several days.

Luckily it tasted good and was healthy (!) because it had veggies galore (by my standards) – zucchini and tomatoes. The lamb was nice and though it was stew, it wasn’t tomato based so whew. The slow cooker is really a wonder I’m glad I got. I’m sure it impacts my electricity bill but I hope not much.


Lamb was bought months back in Rustan’s at B1T1 (buy one, take one)

Risoni from Santi’s in Rockwell – it’s the only store thus far where I’ve found risoni.

Speaking of Rustan’s, the last time I was there, the lady in charge of the deli section saw me and said that the cheese I was looking for was available: boursin. She remembered my asking about it some time ago. Nice and thoughtful of her, right? In Rustan’s, familiarity does not breed contempt but generates thoughtful service.


Recipe sources: http://australianfood.about.com/od/vegetables/r/VegeRissoni.htm and http://southernfood.about.com/od/lambrecipes/r/r71221i.htm


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