I was in FB and just clicked the SHARe button of an interesting article. I was tagging people but before I could finish, a message came out Image

I was alarmed and tried to follow instructions. But the instructions which entailed installing a software to clean the malware also stated it would access so many things I decided to logout and log in again. Same story. But I was not buying the story. Googled and found out that many others had experienced the same and “solved” the problem by accessing Facebook not via Google Chrome but through Safari. Did just that and I’m okay with FB now. THing is, I’m more into Google Chrome than Safari. I just have to remember that for FB, I must go Safari.

An excerpt of the article I had wanted to share was quoted by a FB friend thus:



I clicked the link and read it through. The article made a lot of sense. But just now, wanting to share the link with you, I typed the website name as seen above and clicked on it, willing myself to find the article. (I dared not go to the link through FB any longer lest I also damage my FB account accessed via Safari).

Was I shocked. It seems like a porn site or at least, the photos I saw were distasteful/indecent. The article I read belies the content of the site. Perhaps the site wanted to reach a “different” audience than it normally gets so it came up with a “what’s proper” sort of article? SO do not go to the site. At all. Arrgh…


On a gustatory note, at 11:30 a.m. husband prepared to go to Manggahan to get something. I said, “Buy lunch.” He asked where. I said there’s this Chinese resto outside Eastwood that I’ve been curious about. What’s the name, he asked. I said I can’t remember.

So I googled and found the resto name: Coral Garden. I placed my order and was asked, “takeout eto ma’am?” I asked, “Do you deliver?” He said “Yes!” Had I known, I’d have tried this resto out earlier.

I hope it serves great food. I miss Chinese food the likes of what we enjoyed back in the seventies or eighties even.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


On another note: Because of the mice infestation in the house and after husband saw one scurrying from the ceiling through the hole of the aircon cable(?), we decided to have the architect check the hole out. He sent two of his people. They plugged that hole and at least two more. Then they noticed that the ceilings outside the house – several of them – need to be replaced. So now there are carpenters here and when they remove the fascia and ceiling boards, I am reminded of tooth extractions of the molar kind. The sound. Drat. And the exercise will take two weeks including painting. No, our house isn’t a mansion. The carpenters just work like turtles. The maids describe their schedule thus: Arrive at 9, assemble their gear, break at 10, work a little. Lunch at 12. Siesta till 2, work a bit. Break at 3. At 4 they start preparing to leave. Their siesta is cut short when the supervisor comes. Then they put in more work than usual.

Why don’t I report it to the architect? I’m scared of retaliation. One never knows. THough if I were the architect,  I’d suspect something was amiss given the length of time they take to do something a more dedicated person might finish in half the time. Oh well. 



2 thoughts on “VARIOUS

  1. Thank you for this post, ma’am. The article really hit a nerve (I send my thank yous via text, and my elbows almost always find their way on the table). I will strive to be better. Thanks again.

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