New Favorite Resto

Woo Galbi in the new east wing of Shang is our current favorite. Today’s lunch was the second time husband and I were there, it was son’s first time.

Ordered the following: bibimbap (hot stone ware version with white rice, beef bulgogi and hot chili sauce), galbi jim, woo roll and pajeon.

Verdict – I wish we had ordered two orders of bibimbap. We were given bulgogi sauce with it though we had requested for chili. So we asked for additional chili sauce and the bulgogi was a winner. even without the chili sauce, I liked it so much. Better than the version husband and i had ordered before – pork instead of beef.

The galbi jim – husband said it likely catered to the Filipino palate – a bit sweetish. Whatever, but this too was a winner. Though I’d have been happy with just the bibimbap.

Pajeon – son said the real thing in South Korea is really good. But for us who’ve never been, especially for husband, Galbi’s pajeon is the best so far relative to Sariwon’s, Bulgogi Brothers’ and K Pub’s.

The Woo roll – son wasn’t enamored. It had a broiled mayo topping. Son abhors mayo. It was okay by me but not something I’d order again really. Husband was opinion-less though he had three of the five slices.

Hours after, as we went to the car to go home, son said he was still thinking of the bibimbap. So was I. Cannot wait for our next meal in Galbi.



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