For the past days, I’ve been ordering takeout/delivery because I don’t want to serve my husband and son reheated food. But as always, even with ordered food, we accumulate leftovers. 

Last night I ordered 3 budget meals from Max’s. I forgot to specify that all should be leg quarter. One was breast. So that wasn’t eaten.

This a.m., as HHA and I were discussing what new food to add to supplement maybe two kinds of leftovers in the ref, I happened to find this article in Starweek. Timely to say the least. Best of all, it earned praises from son. If Ms. Lydia Castillo reads this, I’d like to thank her very much:

Recycled chicken pasta sauce

IN MY BASKET By Lydia D. Castillo (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 4, 2013 – 12:00am
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It should be a habit for all homemakers to check cooked food items stored in the refrigerator. Most likely there are leftovers that have  been forgotten and, by the time they are discovered, they would have spoiled. Thus, a regular look-see is advisable.

We found half a roast chicken breast a few days ago and since we are pasta lovers, we resurrected it into a savory chicken pasta dish. We sautéd, in olive oil, half a bulb of crushed native garlic. Without allowing the garlic to be fully toasted, we put the chicken in, mixing it well. We added about 150 gms of tomato sauce and a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, plus a pinch of ground black pepper. We let it simmer for a while, then added a level tablespoon of sugar and a spoonful of fake bacon bits to enhance the flavor. By this time, we were done boiling the elbow macaroni (the only pasta we had left in our cupboard). After draining it, it was ready to serve, with the sauce on the side. Good pasta dish!

Needless to say, we get tired serving leftovers. But, recycling is the trick to enticing the brood to eat leftovers and even enjoy it. For instance, pieces of paksiw na bangus can be drained and fried for a future meal. It can also be converted into sarsiado or escabeche. Or flaked, again to add to a pasta sauce. 

The leftover chicken pieces from nilaga can be used in cocido (pochero) or made into chicken salad as spread for breakfast bread. If there is leftover beef kenchi nilaga, drain them. They can be converted into succulent steak. Fry in a little oil, then bathe in all-purpose cream. The remaining broth can be the accompanying soup. Use Spanish fideos (thin noodles) for this.

There is a lot one can do with leftover food. Try it.


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