Johnny Air Cargo, thank you!

Especially to Analyn of your New York office.

Last Wednesday, husband ordered a laptop from Amazon. My BPI credit card was rejected twice and I couldn’t get through to the humanoid in 89100. Thing was, husband didn’t know about the rejection because he had left the room. I frantically changed credit cards and luckily, the second non-BPI one was approved. For good measure, we chose the one-day delivery option of Amazon. Cost P1k plus. But husband was impatient so the additional expense appeared justified.

Immediately after settling the order with Amazon, I emailed Analyn of JAC and informed her of the purchase. I hopefully asked if the package would be included with what they would send out Friday. She said she’d update me. Thursday, I tracked the package in Amazon and learned it had been delivered to JAC in NY. Got back to Analyn who said she’d watch out for it.

Friday there (Saturday here), she said it had been sent and to expect it Wednesday or Thursday.

Yesterday, tuesday, I was in Makati. I was hoping JAC would say the package had arrived so that it would feel like killing two birds with one stone. I could pick up the package from the Makati office. Alas, it was when I got home at past 7 that a text from JAC came saying that the package had arrived and was ready for pickup today, Wednesday. I asked if they could deliver it and for how much: P248 more, I was told. Shipping charges plus taxes from the US to Manila was almost P5k.

Husband said he’d pick it up today, Wednesday. I kept asking if he were sure because honestly, I thought he should just have it delivered so he wouldn’t have to suffer the traffic to and from Makati. After several “askings” from me and some frowns from him, he relented and said to have it delivered. So I informed JAC so. It had actually followed up at past 8. I guess they keep late hours at the back office of JAC.

Today at 12 noon or some 7.5 days after the order was placed, I texted husband to come home. His long awaited laptop had come.

As for me, I was relieved. He had been fussy/persnickety between the time the order was placed up till the time he came home and saw the laptop. Now he has settled down. Another whew.

Note: getting the laptop from Amazon and having it shipped over save husband a substantial number of pesos. Promise. Someone had told me she had experienced such savings which made me suggest to husband to order his laptop online. The model he wanted isn’t yet available here in the PHilippines.

How husband appears now, post the arrival of his long dreamt of laptop:

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 10.17.36 PMImage from here



3 thoughts on “Johnny Air Cargo, thank you!

  1. Hahahaha! Para palang ako pag di pa dumarating ang order–hindi mapakali. I ordered some cosmetics online from a seller in Pasig. It was a preorder, then nung dumating, my order got lost and they had to reorder it. Long story short, my 1 month of waiting time (preorder kasi) became 2 months. Still, so happy when I got it kasi since December pa ako naghahanap nung item na yun.

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