Woke up at 2 am and was looking at FB posts when I saw that a young lady I know who had been holding a child in several pictures since months back was the mother of that child. She’s single and, yes, young. I couldn’t believe it and kept scrolling down her posts, hoping she’d say the young child was her niece/nephew, her foster child, etc. But apparently, the child was hers. She mentioned going back to school after a hiatus of several months, the likes of which showbiz stars invoke, only to admit later on that they have given birth.

I felt so lost for the young lady and her mom, whom I also know. IT must have been agonizing for them and for the family. And I was agonizing about it myself. I wanted to reach out and “console” them asap, but maybe, it was I whom they needed to console.

My feeling did not stem from disdain/condemnation. Not at all. I could just imagine the dis-ease the event must have put them through.

Decades back, a schoolmate was bruited about to be with child. When i saw her in church soon after, I was in a quandary: what do I say? What do I do? But she took the matter right out of my hands by calling out to me and saying hello. Like nothing was different. It was a decided relief for me. Maybe for her, too?

So what to do with this new discovery? I guess nothing. And then what if we meet? I guess, I’ll have to act like nothing is different, nothing is amiss. Babies are blessings after all.

Besides, I suppose they have gotten over it but I haven’t yet.

No, I am not condemning anyone here, not the deed, not the persons involved. Babies are blessings after all. Oh, I said that already.


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