Las Flores at One McKinley

Son had been having some dinners there in line with his work. And he wanted us to give it a try. Last Sunday seemed an opportune time.

Las Flores’ location is something I really like. Facing it is a condo with lush foliage. It seemed so far removed from an urban location’s pollution and buildings upon buildings despite the place’s being in Bonifacio Global City. I could just sit and relax there the whole day.

But now to the food.

Son recommended the eel appetizer, tiny eels sliced very thinly. Not in the menu but can be requested. Very good. The taste is simple but it works. I actually preferred it to the gambas. The house bread was a winner. Crunchy oats (?) on top did it for me. Also ordered the angus beef with foie. The lady warned me the order consisted of just 4 tiny pieces. Of course that warning was made because the dish was expensive. But I wanted my foie fix. Haven’t had one in ages. So I nodded my head. Indeed there were four cubes each perched on really tiny melba toasts with apple sauce and a slice of foie on top. heaven. Four pieces, three of us. I was gracious enough to offer the fourth to son, my baby forever. Baby in the sense that I am willing to sacrifice for him. Yes, even a beloved serving of the angus beef with foie.

Also ordered black paella. Noted that we had had 3 appetizers, rice with nothing else to accompany it, so I ordered the chicken stew. That was anticlimactic. It lacked flavor, maybe because everything else was so WOW. Luckily, the chocolatissimo which is molten lava cake was excellent as well. So, LF, we shall be back. It will be a while, likely, but we will be back.

In the past, son had been complaining that parking was unavailable at the resto so he had to walk some 15 minutes for parking. Sunday son said maybe we could just park in front as it was Sunday. But the ladies in LF said this wasn’t allowed, they had valet parking. Hurray. Valet parking at the basement was free. They have two slots there – we got one for being first to arrive in the resto. Otherwise, parking is for a fee, possibly where son also parks when he’s there.

Incidentally, read online that the owners of LF include some former owners of Barcino. So type of  fare is the same.

Sorry, no pictures. But wait, I think husband took some.



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