Uratex in Marikina

I was there for the first time yesterday to buy three different Monobloc tables for the HHs needs. I hired the Wheelmobile for the purpose. Truth to tell, I was excited because I’ve never been to the place. Years back, husband had gone there to buy the Scatola I wanted. I think he also went there for the egg crate mattress I need to avoid bed sores. On two separate occasions, one sister of mine had bought the mattress, on another it was a friend. They offered.

But yesterday, going to Uratex was an exercise of patience that I failed miserably. My first encounter was okay – with the security guard who was very solicitous when he learned I was in a wheelchair. The personnel who went to me immediately to assist in my  choice of tables was friendly. I chose three tables after which he asked if I wanted them delivered or picked up on the spot. I chose the latter, confident they could be accommodated in the WM. 

So I was told to go to the cashier who was taking an eternity to process the purchases of one other person before me. That’s not an exaggeration. At least it didn’t feel like I was exaggerating. She really took forever. Further, the items purchased will be brought down only after she has encoded your purchase. And when it was my turn, she took forever again. I knew getting the items down would take a long time likewise, so I thought of having the items delivered instead. But wow, it was hardly a better option. I had to go into that room where there were seats galore – think pre-departure areas in airports and bus stations where people sat patiently and waited for their number to be called out. Then they could pay for their purchase and give their address, etc., I guess. So I decided to stick it out with the cashier. Instead of waiting for my purchases in another pre-departure like set up, no make that an arrival area with seats, I wheeled around the display area to look at pails, tubs, mattresses, cushions, etc. several times. And still no sign of my purchases. Worse, the lighting in the store is not too nice. Saving on Meralco bills, I guess. Like the parking area of most malls, unlike Shangrila’s east wing where one feels safe. So I waited. The guard by the door got my receipt and asked if my purchases were ready. Told they weren’t, he told me he’d just call when they came. Nice of him, right? Right. So I waited some more. And finally, the boxes of tables and their legs were brought to the arrival area. Okay, the releasing area. Each box was opened to check for completeness and cracks. When the square box with the second table was opened, it yielded a circular table top. Oops, I had asked for a square one. Not wanting to wait I said I’d take it. Was there a price discrepancy? Yes, P30. I was willing to forego that but had a feeling this would entail more paperwork with the cashier. The person who had attended to my purchase said he’d ask for the top to be replaced. I waited an eternity, nothing seemed to be happening. I was fuming. The guy in the releasing sensed I was getting angry and said he’d go up and get the right table top himself. Wait again. But a shorter wait than previously. When he came down, the remaining boxes of legs and tops were opened. And we left.

It boggles the mind why the system in Uratex is so bad despite its claim of having existed for decades now. Have the owners not heard of Operations Research, time and motion studies, etc.? Pray tell, please do something. 

I vow never to return. I don’t have the patience of all those people eternally waiting for heaven out there. No, I exaggerate. Their purchases. 

Another suggestion to Uratex: have a blind test – is that what you call it? Have someone you know go there and pretend to be a customer. Don’t warn your personnel. Get feedback, an honest one from that person you designate. Perhaps, conduct similar tests several times. Without letting on to your personnel.

For everyone’s sake, I hope my experience was a fluke. But I dare not go back. 


13 thoughts on “Uratex in Marikina

  1. Dear Uratex,
    Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service, sales, and quality of products offered. You guys are very accommodating and that is something that seems to be disappearing in the country. I’m glad I found out about you guys and I will not only continue to be a customer but have recommended your company to friends.
    I remembered months ago when I decided to change the mattress that a used. I inquired sa Marikina Branch nyo sa pag handle palang ng calls naramdaman kona special ako as customer,then customer service staff encouraged me to visit your Marikina Showroom Branch she said that she’s willing to assist me once na nag visit ako, even na di ako naka visit agad, nung hinanap ko sya I’m Happy kasi without mentioning my name naalala nya ko. She said Hi, Ma’am Cherry( with a nice smile on her face. Nakakatuwa maramdaman na importante ako as customer.
    Kaya nung mabasa ko yung good comment about Uratex Marikina nakarelate ako. Anyway, Thank You again.
    Specially sa girl na nag assist Sakin from phone inquiry to showroom. I forgot her name. I think she’s Aya or Aye (A great asset to her team and beyond.)

    Let your employees know their service is appreciated with an employee recognition note or award. 😄😃😊

  2. Based on my experience, Every time I send queries in their twitter or facebook, they answer with courtesy and direct me to the right info I needed. I am from Cavite, and regarding my personal experience to their showroom, it is far different from what you’ve experience in Marikina.

    Maybe they’re just attending too much number of customers (But I know, that’s not an excuse. hehe) It’s good that you point it out and it is something that they can still improve 🙂

  3. We are sorry about this incident and we will look into this. Thank you for your honest feedback and suggestion.

    We hope that this will not stop you from using Uratex products. We are dedicated to give only the best to our customers. Again we are sorry for this incident.

    @pseudoshrink may we know we where you sent the inquiry so we can address it. What ghost chair are you inquiring for? Re plastic containers
    Ready Wrap, yes the containers are bpa free.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    • I love the Uratex bed we got in your Ortigas outlet where service is tops, so I guess I can always course whatever purchases I need through them? I hope so.

      Thank you for paying heed to this post. 🙂

      • Thanks derdo. Yes you can place your order in our Uratex Premium Mattress Gallery in Ortigas. Thank you for patronizing Uratex products. We are happy to provide the best products to our customers like you. Hope you will come back in our marikina showroom. We will be happy to assist you.

    • Hi Uratex, I sent it using the email form in the website. I was inquiring if the company will ever produce ghost chairs (clear acrylic plastic chairs) ’cause I’m intending to purchase a few and would prefer to buy from Uratex rather than import from China.
      Re BPA in Ready Wrap, yes, I got a reply re BPA. Eventually.

      • Hi tps, sorry about the no response from our website’s email add. We don’t product produce clear arcylic chairs but our showrooms carry different kinds of plastic chairs including clear plastic (polycarbonate) chairs. You may visit one of our showrooms. Thank you 🙂

  4. Hi TPS. No, I haven’t tried Mandaue Foam yet but I know someone who swears by it. Next time.

    As for Uratex, I guess my experience wasn’t a fluke then given how long it took them to answer your email. I guess the malaise is corporate-wide and not exclusive to the Marikina branch.

  5. Have you tried Mandaue foam? I read in a one mommy blog that their service and product selection are excellent.

    I emailed Uratex inquiring about ghost chairs. No reply.
    I tweeted and emailed them re BPA content of their plastic food canisters. Million years bago sumagot. Jowke. Seriously, it took them long enough, yet they didn’t give me the straight answer immediately. I had to ask pa uli for clarification.

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