Nephew is here from Taiwan. WIth his wife and son who was baptized last Saturday. That’s when I first saw and had my first grandson on my lap. So adorable. He closed his tiny fingers around one of mine for a long time. And I was smitten. His mom is a Chinese from Singapore. So he looks like a Chinese doll. His irreverent dad says he looks like a character from Pugad Baboy after his hair was shaved off. To me he looks like the Little Emperor in a movie I never watched but of which I had seen photos.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 6.56.09 AM

We had lunch in Zarzuela (east wing, Shangrila mall) yesterday and as I had googled on what best to order and talked to the personnel before ordering (my nephew and his family weren’t around yet), I was most satisfied with the food. I ordered quite a lot because my nephew misses Filipino food and his wife likes veggies. While waiting, I ordered Fountain of Youth which is belly fried like chicharon and served with green mango, bagoong and sweet and sour chili sauce. Sorry no pictures but son thought when he saw it that it was chicken skin. Also ordered Cowboy sisig – a combination of pork and beef so the nomenclature is a play on words. Go figure. 🙂 As the FoY was so good and I was apprehensive we’d finish it before the guests,  ordered another plate of it. Happiness.

Also ordered Sa Pula, sa Puti after I read a blog recommending it: What a gem of a blog – it has so many posts I was curious about I just read on and on and on. Sa Pula, sa Puti’s name – he has an explanation for that. Read it here. It’s adobo cooked two ways and I thoroughly liked it – it was like eating lechon minus the skin (one way) and adobo flakes (the other way). Nephew said when they arrived that wife likes pinakbet, so got that. I tried a little, just a little. Or did I. Also got the kare-kare but didn’t try it – I was stuffed. Oh and crab and shrimp cakes with Hollandaise sauce. Son was eating one cake after another of that. For dessert we got the maruya with ice cream and the piaya with ice cream. They have fancy names, actually, but I cannot recall what these were. That was the first time the wife tried saba banana.

A happy lunch really. And I had my first grandson on my lap again. Super happy.


September 2012, after giving up on my Samsung Galaxy 2 that had battery issues that were stressing me out, I got an iPhone 4s. And a case for it – a leather one from a shop in Eastwood – A Shop, I think. A few weeks ago, the case was getting frazzled so I looked out for a replacement in Pizmo (shangrila), Vertex (power plant), Power Mac (power Plant), Kate Spade and wherever else. Found none. They only had cases for iPhone5. Think obsolete after a year. You will have your time, IPhone 5.

Anyway, noting my frustration, son said “Your best bet is a Class A case” and I told him to find me one. He has a Class A Otter one himself. Okay, Class A is, I think, a euphemism for imitation/fake. As he still hadn’t gotten round to getting me a case, my search went on and finally, my “obsolete” phone has a new case, from Urbanize in the east wing of Shangrila mall. No, I don’t know which floor. I’m still in a quandary where the exact locations of the  various stores and restos in the East Wing are. This is the case:

photo (6)Not very feminine, I know. I’d have preferred Hello Kitty (!). Oh I forget, they had a jelly-like case in Vertex but when the person manning the store tried to remove it after trying it on my phone, she had a difficult time doing so. I figured that would mean it wouldn’t last that long if I kept removing the case. I do that because son gave me a pouch for my phone (on my birthday) that cannot accommodate my phone when it has a case, so when we go out I remove the case. This one I got is made of rubber and the demo video on it showed a hockey player hit it with his hockey stick and the phone survived. Truth in advertising, I hope.

Its downside: the on-off button is rather sensitive or my finger always unwittingly touches it and turns the phone off. I should just correct that habit, I guess, or learn to live with it.


had lunch at MESA in Power Plant the other day. As with all MESA restos, the noise level was high. The pritchon wasn’t as enticing as I remembered it C. 😦 Or maybe it was the noise? After lunch we had dessert at TWG. Nice, nice place. So plush and the desserts are tea-infused but I can eat them because the tea-ness in them is not overpowering. I love the old rich house look of TWG:

photo TWG******

The following photo was taken in TWG as well. See the chair. But the main reason I took it is THE BAG. It is an Envirosax bag I just had to have. See, years ago, I found one just like it in HObbes and Landes. I was enticed because of the design. I loved paper dolls as a young girl and had a few sets, one even had eyes that moved and whose dresses had to be “sewn” with yarn onto the paper doll. Anyway, I got that bag and gave it to someone whom I thought would appreciate it. I never got a thank you and felt so let down. I also felt for the bag that wasn’t appreciated. So I when I began to be so into Amazon I looked for it and found it. And I ordered. Funny thing is that as it’s less than $15, having it shipped over would cost more. Luckily, a niece said she had a box coming over so my beloved Envirosax paper dolls hitched a ride. I have to use that term much as I hate it. It brings back bad memories: hitch. never mind.

paper dolls

Anyway, so I got the bag from niece Saturday and promptly used it. I showed it off to husband and son. I said “Guess why I got this? What’s this?” Husband said, “Barbie” – he’s from another planet, apparently. SOn said, “ballerina.” Oh my. But then again, now you know, I didn’t buy him any paper doll when he was young.

So there.


4 thoughts on “Various

    • Sarap talaga, gusto ko tuloy bumalik agad. That and the Sa Pula, Sa Puti. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment. Very Chinese looking. His dad said – kulang na lang yung red na spot – siopao na siya.

  1. Men. Hahahahahaha! Sorry, so sexist.
    It’s so cute. Just a couple of weeks ago, I printed out some paper dolls using board and sealing it with sticky plastic cover. I was so excited to give it to S, but it went unappreciated. What was I expecting, when she barely plays with her Barbies.

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