The Floods and FB Finds

ImagePeople may say many not so nice things about the Binays but their visibility in times like now when people are depressed/discouraged/ anxious is at the very least reassuring. Calls to mind a vignette shared by my aunt when her building burned down in Makati. She said then Mayor Jejomar Binay arrived to check out the fire and, I guess, direct the firemen. She saw his worth then and there.

Image Numbers to know at all times, I think, and not just now.

ImageAfter Ondoy, among the stories I heard was of the man of the house tying their gasuls onto heavier chairs.  I should have known that. Ours sailed along the garage.


Saw this just now in FB. Decades back, Dick Gordon was mayor of Olongapo City still. A bad typhoon hit Negros. His men were deployed to our town and one of the huge trees in our garden was uprooted. We didn’t have the equipment to remove it. Papa asked DG’s men to help and they did just that. They refused to accept any payment so I think Papa just gave them merienda. DG is no longer in an elective position. Red Cross, maybe? But look at him. Other politicos  may wait for the rains to stop and have their photo ops when everything will have settled down and they can hand over relief goods. But not DG. Just look at him go:

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 5.27.34 PMHe was my candidate for President years back. Alas, he lost. 😦

This basketball player has a great, big heart. That he even bothers to commiserate from a distant part of the world touches mine:

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 7.31.47 PMAnd of course, there’s man’s best friend:

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 8.44.52 PM



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