Random Notes

Check out Google’s doodle today, Claude Debussy’s birthday. Really cool. Pity that after today, we cannot access this any longer, I think? Below is a screen shot of today’s doodle. Don’t click on it as it won’t get you anywhere. Instead, just type google on the search box. And enjoy.



Last Saturday, after nephew’s son’s baptism, we went to Scout Fuentebella (138) to buy Granda’s sans rival which we tried months back. Husband had gone on a field trip in Pampanga and brought home a box. I emailed them and they said they have a branch in Kamuning. Wow. A box costs P180. They also have silvanas at P140 per dozen. I had bought a box of the latter too but failed to try it as neighbor’s daughter gave me dried bagoong so I gave her the silvanas.  Dried bagoong reminds me of tamarind powder. It’s good. From Bacolod.


Last Monday, at lunch with nephew and his wife, I liked how they took turns taking care of their baby. Sometimes, it would be nephew, sometimes it would be his wife. And whoever was holding the baby would be literally spoon fed by the one whose hands were free. And the one feeding would put his/her other hand on top of the baby to avoid food’s spilling onto the baby. Seeing them reminded me of how, years back, we were with a couple and their baby. I was so disgusted with the husband who was eating away while the wife was taking care of the baby that at one point, I told him pointblank, let your wife eat. Get the baby from her. I can be very forthright when I’m peeved.


In closing, here’s one of Claude Debussy’s works. Clair de Lune which Google used to celebrate his birthday is the most popular, I guess, but the man has so many other beautiful works.


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