Shangrila East Wing and then some

I can go to this mall every weekend and not get tired of it. Not necessarily to buy anything but to just be there. Like I used to when the old mall first set up shop. We’d be there almost every weekend it was just so comfortable to be there.

We get the same feeling in the East Wing with its well lit stores and corridors, ample parking (4 slots for the disabled – two each per set of elevators per floor), clean elevators, etc.

Yesterday, we had dinner at Galbi. Thanks, Susan for the Deal Grocer recommendation. It felt great to shell out just P98 for dinner after paying P600 for a P1k voucher. Seamless transaction. When I paid, I was made to sign a sheet of paper with my name on it along with several others, I guess DG coupon purchasers like me. As there were just husband and I, we ordered california maki, pajeon, and bibimbap. Truth to tell, I tried ordering galbi jim but per the order taker, their supplier had not yet delivered the beef for this. So there.

Enjoy the appetizers served without limit, particularly the candied peanuts. Anyone know how this is made? I hope to find a recipe one of these days.


Son has been – bad cold — from nights out for work and leisure and getting wet from the rain, no doubt. So bought 3 poncho (plastic ones) from True Value. There was this personnel selling this all around cleaner that can remove rust, he claimed. He was so funny I got one tub. He cajoled, one dozen? I said just one. Also bought a key chain with a small hammer and other mini-tools in it. I really enjoy going to True Value for the variety and service it offers.


Went to Rustan’s on the fourth floor where they’re selling Lacoste shirts limited edition featuring Astro Boy. For a T shirt with collar, P7k. I didn’t get one, of course. Son would have been livid if I had.


At Khansarey they sell all sorts of stuff, it’s no longer just a bath and body place. They even had Coke, Sprite, etc that sold for P500 a bottle. Collector’s item, the girl said.  And second hand books. 


Bought a travel organizer in Flight 001 at the east wing. They have several items at 30% off. And they say, “Thanks for boarding”, “Welcome aboard,” etc. I was so taken aback I echoed them and they smiled. The travel organizer was at 30% off. I got this one. I like the material – looks like it will last a really long time. Workmanship too. ImageThere were so many designs it was hard to choose.




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