Chooks to Go

With son out of town and husband and I having had a full lunch in Healthy Shabu-Shabu, I thought I wanted to eat something simple. I didn’t ask husband what he wanted as I know his answer right away: Aristocrat (Reyes or Serye) pork barbecue. But I wanted something simpler than that. So I ordered from Chooks to Go. I had read reviews about it and while they weren’t too enthused, I thought I should try it myself.

For P379, I got a whole chicken and a slab of pork liempo. Cheap but too rich in flavor, too oily. I’m having it shredded and prepared as adobo later. I just hope the marinade of CtG will be masked. It’s not that bad, I guess, it just wasn’t too my liking. I also preferred the pork to the chicken. At least its skin was crisp. Lechon crisp. The orders didn’t come with any sauce whatsoever.

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