Asthma and I (and then some)

It has been my most unwelcome bedfellow as far back as I can remember. I’ve had short experiences of it, I’ve had really long and bad ones. I’m having a bad one these days.

Son insisted I go to the doctor but I called my cousin instead. She knows whereof I speak, she being an asthma sufferer as well. She can relate.

Back when I was in grade school, I would already self-medicate when I had asthma because I was so familiar with the medicines I needed to take. Years later, when I was confined post my spinal surgery, I had pneumonia and was put in the ICU.  The antibiotic prescribed me wasn’t working. A different doctor had attended to me. Not my pedia whom I still consulted till after college. I could have told them what antibiotic worked for me had they asked. Because this was the correction the pedia issued when she found out the other wasn’t working. And it worked fine and quickly.

These days I’m taking so many medicines I feel like a pharmacy. I hope this episode passes soon. It’s very uncomfortable to put it mildly, I make a lot of extraneous sounds, more a few days ago than now, if that’s any reassurance.


Our Fisher & Paykel reriegerator which I extolled soon after purchasing it has gone kaput. At least the ref portion. Months back, I noticed that food which used to keep a long time in the ref were spoiling at a fast pace. called the service person who taught us how to do things right, it worked. But other problems occurred. Then last Monday, the macaroni salad which had been in existence for just three days tasted really sour. And two days later, when son got milk from the ref which he mixed this with Nesquick complained, “Yuck.” He checked the ref and it wasn’t cooling. At all.

Decided not to have it checked any longer for possible repair. What for? The last time wasn’t much help. Truth to tell, even before this final  breakdown, we had been scouring around for a possible replacement and thought of getting the Panasonic inverter model. Panasonic really works well. Except for the washing machine. Or maybe because, you know, HHs work with them and …..

With me sick, I thought of ordering online from Abenson, COD. But I was turned off by the fact that delivery would take between 5 to 7 days. Plus husband wanted to see for sure which would be the better option: 14 cubic or 16. Finally, he went off to Abenson in Shang and decided we didn’t need the extra height so he got one or rather paid for one, to be delivered tomorrow. Alleluia. Husband got the extended warranty and this led to a glitch in data on my online account. I checked and the deduction in my credit balance was almost twice the cost of the refrigerator.

I called BPI and in my state, couldn’t answer some of the verification questions asked me: how much was your last payment? When did you last use it? Did you use it in Ortigas? How much was your bill?  But the lady was very patient and I managed to answer what store I had used it in. THen she explained that the total amount deducted from my credit balance was on floating status, no indication yet of the merchant. I’d have to wait till Tuesday, she said. Oh gosh, that will mean sleepless nights till then. The amount was much (by my standards).

As I persisted and so she persisted and found the breakdown of the amount: one represented the ref’s cost without extended warranty, the other with extended warranty. Texted husband and asked if any transaction had been voided. He said no. That got us worried so he went back to Abenson Shang. Apparently they had voided the first without telling him. All’s well that ends well.


As Sunday is our usual lunch out together, I asked husband to order lunch at Galbi: bibimbap, galbi jim and pajeon. He came home at 2 pm and son and I patiently waited for lunch. I couldn’t taste anything but that was all right. I ate more than I had eaten the past days – a pack of Magic Flakes for an entire day a few days ago, half a slice of spam and half a slice of bread yesterday, etc. HHA said my face looks smaller.




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