Different Strokes for Different Folks: On wedding invitations

Years back, I got a wedding invitation. As the groom and bride were to settle down in the US, the advisable gift was cash, right? But how much was not embarrassing? I don’t remember how much the exchange rate was then, but let’s say it was P40/$. Giving $50 meant a P2000 gift – acceptable if in kind or in pesos, but $50 seemed so puny. So I decided to give the couple a collector’s item plate that cost me P800. I don’t know if they even brought it to the US with them.

Of late, wedding invitations have become more interesting/annoying/brazen. Take your pick. I received one that specified the lady guests should be in GOWNS and these weren’t to be in pastel colors nor printed. I almost didn’t go because of this but I loved the groom. So I went. But not to the reception which was hours after the wedding itself. That’s another common practice these days – setting the reception hours after the wedding ends. One time, a friend of mine who was then based abroad killed time by going to the mall. Found that funny and we laughed about it.

Recently, my sister and I saw wedding invitation involving different couples saying that while our presence would be enough, they’d appreciate a token etc. etc. in lieu of material items. I violated that request, of course. Because how much is not embarrassing to give? How much is enough?

And then there are wedding invitations that lead you to a website where you can choose a present for the couple. I enjoyed the first one I got where the couple was planning a trip abroad. So the choices they presented included financing for hotel stays, trips, museum visits, etc. And all one had to do was click on the choice which had a corresponding value and deposit the amount to a specified account, then send the deposit slip to the couple, scanned or otherwise. But more recently, someone based in the US also invited me to their wedding that involved checking out the couple’s website. This was more complicated because it involved the different merchants, e.g. Ikea, Amazon, Costco, etc. Plus tour operators, photographers, etc. I chose Amazon which then asked me for the recipient’s phone number. So I asked the bride to be. She told her mother about my request and said she couldn’t understand why I had to ask for it. Maybe I wasn’t doing something right, she seemed to suggest.

Guess what she got from me?



2 thoughts on “Different Strokes for Different Folks: On wedding invitations

  1. She got nothing? 🙂

    I know, right? Kelan pa nawala yung the mere presence of beloved guests is enough? While I would never go empty-handed or attend wearing jeans sa formal wedding, the demands are just too much. Nakaka-stress. “Patay” na si Emily Post…

    • Re what she got – you know me all too well, TPS. 🙂

      Di ba? Nakaka-stress talaga! At least yesterday, the wedding invitation I got did not have any of the specs I don’t like when I do get one. Tamad pa rin to go because of having to dress up, put on makeup, the works. Sana “come as you are na lang” or “as is, where is”. Joke.

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