Ninyo Fusion Cuisine’s Yakitori Sampler

ImageC, here it is. Sorry I couldn’t wait for our lunch to try this.

I haven’t been to Ninyo in months. The erratic weather has held me back. Usually, going to Ninyo means doing so on foot or in my case, wheeled as it’s too near the house to drive to. And going there in that manner does not allow for sudden thunderstorms.

C had told me about the new yakitori offerings of Ninyo. I saw its photos in Facebook and thought I’d try it.

This noon I called (4260301) and was told it’s a lunchtime offering merely. I thought it nonetheless and have it reheated for dinner when son and husband would be home.

But Mike called at close to 2 pm, when he was supposed to have brought it to the house, to say they were willing to cook it at 5 pm so it would be newer when we’d have it. How kind, right? How considerate. It reminded me of the saying :  ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’ somehow.

thanks so much, Ninyo. So far, of the platter I’ve tried the beef cuts with cherry tomato, the chicken wings, and the grilled corn. So very good. Husband tried the bacon wrapped potato and the salmon. He liked the salmon so much.

Son has yet to arrive.

The platter came with 3 different sauces. That husband and i just ate 6 sticks between us is no indication of the quality of the platter offerings. We’re both feeling a bit under the weather. I’m looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

Now which stick should I have heated?


2 thoughts on “Ninyo Fusion Cuisine’s Yakitori Sampler

  1. Bait talaga ni Mike! I actually did not notice him when he arrived at your house; siya pa ang bumati sa akin. Selfish but don’t we wish people like Mike won’t leave our favorite eating places?

    It’s okay–I really hope you get well soon. Our celebration can wait. I also got a stick so okay lang, haha! Joke!

    • Kaya pala there were only 20 sticks! Kidding. Sarap. The salmon and the beef in particular! And yes, Mike is the best. Employee for all seasons. Sana ma promote but still around no?

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