Maybe it was serendipity all along. But for the past n months after some Koreanovelas so engrossed me, I hardly watched Eat Bulaga, watching series upon series with my lunch instead. True, occasionally, I’d take a peek but would no longer watch EB in its entirety. For one, I didn’t like The Super Sereyna too much, no offense meant to the participants. But the segments were way too long.

So now why bring up EB if I haven’t been watching it? Yesterday, husband asked if I knew WB had a sex video online. My first question: with a man or a woman? WB has always been teased about his gender preference. Hours later, I asked son if he knew about the video. He asked, “With a man or a woman?”

It boggles the mind why anyone would do a sex video of himself and his partner unless it’s something in aid of research?! And I find it so downright hurtful that the person in question is married and has 5 children. What was he thinking? Was he in his right mind? What about the girl? I would like to ask of her the same questions. I’m sure that she is part of the show means she knows the man is married and has 5 children. So why?

Then there are issues involving Ryzza Mae and how she has been maligned at least twice in her own show – with VS spewing juice on her face and a guest referring to her as “malanding bata ka.” Done and said in jest, no doubt. But I guess MTRCB thinks there should be a limit to everything.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 4.38.32 PM

OH well, EB. Thank you for the laughs the past years. I’m not going to miss you anytime soon.

For a show that’s supposed to be funny, EB now makes me sad. 😦


6 thoughts on “Sickening

  1. Didn’t see the episode with VS but the one which featured a guest calling Ryzza “m___”, I saw on youtube. My standards for wit during interviews are Dawn Z. and Lea S.; the guest did not make the cut. In fact, I found her TH and OA ([so 1980s!] in short, very annoying). When she made that comment, Ryzza was quick to answer “Aba, magdahan-dahan po kayo sa pagsasalita niyo.” Mabuti pa ang bata, may isip!

  2. Dumaan ang Hayden camera scandal and the Chito-Neri scandal, I was relatively unfazed. But this one made me feel ill because he’s married — to a beautiful, educated woman — and has kids. Hindi man lang nya naisip na may anak syang babae na pwedeng makakita ng video na yun and the humiliation his behavior brought upon them.
    And that woman is big_ _n!

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