A Man’s Story and then some

It is a Korean TV series with a lot of texture. It is not a rom-com but serious stuff. Among the issues it tackles are the stock market and how prices can be manipulated, life in jail and the various characters in it, friendship, family, psychiatrists (and how they can be deceived by a patient), family business, etc.

Very, very interesting and well crafted. I learned about it from dramabeans.com which I visit when I am at a loss as to what series to watch next. 


I know I should read more and I do try. In fact I’ve just finished Amy Tan’s The Opposite of Fate, a collection of essaysAmy Tan is a fun read. She has this self-deprecating style and scoffs (laughs) at Cliffs Notes’, among other tomes’, analysis of her works. Some, from what I gather, tend to read something that isn’t there or wasn’t intended by her at all. In one of her essays, she also writes about her ailment which was diagnosed only after she persisted in finding out what really was ailing her, not content with what some doctor had pronounced. That the book consists of essays allows for intervals in one’s reading schedule without need to recall what had transpired previously. And given my erratic reading habit, the book suited me just fine.


Yesterday, I finally ventured outside the four walls of my room after being sick — I really had to push myself to do it, honest. And of course, my mall of choice (yes, C, retail therapy) was Shangrila. Did some grocery shopping at Rustan’s and husband thoroughly enjoyed choosing dark chocolate bars for himself with varying cacao percentages. I  treated myself to two bars of Lindt pistachio which will be consumed over several days, I hope.


I went to Rustan’s to get a bottle of Addict perfume. The line has several variants and the one I wanted (Addict II) wasn’t available. So I got the one with a light lavender color, not really paying attention to its “real” name. And at home, I saw what its name is exactly: “Addict to Life”. Ironic after being sick.

Felt I needed the treat after failing to smell and taste anything for several days and feeling deaf from the really stuffy nose. Rationalizing, I know. But like most of my purchases, this was a long-thought out one. I had gone to check out the counter’s offerings weeks back and failing to find Addict II, deferred buying anything. Addict to Life is fruity. There was another variant they were offering but I found it too strong – it had a flowery scent. Aside: when I couldn’t smell anything, I confirmed this by opening a bottle of White Flower. And I really couldn’t smell it – how repetitive right? For emphasis. days later, when I finally caught the scent of WF once again, I knew I was getting better.

Incidentally, I’m glad the CD line is now available in Shang. Months back, they said it was in Rustan’s Makati merely, which I haven’t gone to since son was a toddler. He’s now a working adult. No, I’ve nothing against RM, so why haven’t I gone there for ages? I guess because Rustan’s in Shang is happiness enough.



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