in a manner of speaking, today’s breakfast was healthier than usual – at least by my standards. My husband and son frown when I do the groceries because I always over-extend myself. My rationale: I don’t go out that often so I make the most of such trips.

Well yesterday, with me still not being in my top form, my purchases weren’t as many. But I did get the lettuce used for Korean bulgogi – where you wrap the beef, some rice, raw garlic and chili paste. But I wasn’t energized enough to get beef for it, besides which son isn’t home until tomorrow evening. So maybe I can buy from Rustan’s Katipunan on Tuesday. To go back to breakfast.

So what was breakfast? Ham sandwich. Ham bought from the stall of Purefoods inside the supermarket. It wasn’t Fiesta Ham but Royal (?) ham by Purefoods – it’s sweet and salty at the time. And has a little( 🙂 ) fat. So why do I say breakfast was healthy? 

HHA prepared it on Jipan’s Munro bread. One big slice divided by two = one sandwich. And I asked her to put lettuce (see? Healthy!) and tomato (healthier!). And as I was able to buy kesong puti yesterday, I had her fry some in olive oil and garlic and put this on top of the ham. Yummy. And healthy(not so?).

And as Munro bread is too thick, I didn’t eat the top slice, so it was an open sandwich I had. 

Wait, is it Monro? Monroe? or Munro? whatever. Get it from Jipan. Really, really good!



2 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Hi TPS. I saw the recipe of fried kesong puti in a cookbook of Nina Daza’s. It required cooking garlic in olive oil and letting sliced quesong puti soak in it for a few days. But I discovered that the short cut works just as well. Try mo. Sarap talaga. 🙂

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