Powerman generator

I can’t recall when we bought a generator from Han’s but last week, one of the dogs bit into the wire/cable/whatever it’s called. HHB immediately wound electrical tape around it.

Had it been up to me to decide, I would just have brought it to the hardware store in Anonas from which we bought the water pump and a smaller generator. But husband thought of asking Han’s if he could bring it over.

Han’s gave him contact details of the service center in Timog and husband called up. He spoke to a Ma’am Anna who said he could bring it over Friday so it would be ready for the truck that would bring it to Marilao, Bulacan on Saturday. Luckily when husband brought it Friday, the truck was there so as early as Friday, the generator was brought to Bulacan. Ma’am Anna assured husband that early this week, it would be ready for pickup, fixed.

This morning, mid-morning, Anna called. Generator would be ready for pickup by mid-afternoon.

How’s that for efficiency? However, as husband picked it up close to their closing time of 5:30, he wasn’t able to test it. 

Kudos to Tomita in Timog, especially to Ma’am Anna! Very competent, very professional. If it works without a hitch, that would be excellent. Given her competence, I’m almost sure the generator is all right.



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