Hodge Podge

Son was on leave yesterday. In the am, he went to Makati for an interview. Had lunch at home, slept, then at 4 he tried to go to the UP area. He came back an hour later after his failed attempt to proceed because the rain caused such heavy traffic he hardly moved. He dropped off what he should have brought to a friend in UP and left again for Makati through C5. Much as I wanted to tell him to stay home, I let him be. Bad mother?

Less than an hour later, he texted. He was stranded in Jollibee along C5. I thought it was just the traffic that had deterred him. Apparently there were flooded areas along the way, the one in Tiendesitas being knee deep. He said he’d wait it out, optimistic that it was a thunderstorm and the water would subside. 

He kept us posted just as I did him after reading a FB post of my godson who was SB (southbound) and had to contend with floods and heavy traffic. Upon learning that son was stranded, his wife kept my son posted on the road situation. 

Before long, son decided to abort his trip to Makati and waited things out still in Jollibee. After a while he ventured home.

According to him, he pitied the Jollibee riders who would brave the floods to deliver orders. I thought this wasn’t done but apparently I was wrong. I don’t know where son advised his friends not to be “douche bags” by ordering food for delivery. When he got home, he told me he talked with the delivery people who were soaked and pitied them. Some time back he also told me not to order food for delivery when the weather was bad. Not that I had any intention to do so.


Son hardly calls from work, especially not using the office phone. But this noon was an exception. he was excited because he had just tried NIPS white chocolate and said it was very much like M&Ms.

Ever the “supportive”, no, make that indulgent mother, I tried to look for some by letting my fingers do the walking. Alas, no success.

I first called Rustan’s which said they don’t have NIPS. Tried to call Shoppersville but failing that, “killed my shame” by calling Mercury Drugstore. I know, it felt so utterly inane to call about candy (though I must admit I had called them re ice cream months back). I prayed the one who’d take my call wouldn’t recognize my voice which was unlikely because for the past weeks, I’ve been a frequent caller. I think the voice on the other end knew it was I (did she sound dismayed when I asked about NIPS? parang.). She said they only had NIPS peanuts. Finally, my last hope – Shoppersville. Instead of looking for the candy, the lady merely asked an expert in the shop who said they only had the regular milk chocolate. I could hear their exchange, there was no shuffling of feet. Oh well.

So I’ll go to Landmark next week where the chance of getting NIPS white chocolate is high(er). Or do I go to Robinsons? Time will tell.


Bought a pack of white chocolate covered pastillas for son in Blue Kitchen last Saturday. But before he could come back Monday evening, I opened the pack. So good! I hope they still have stock when I go back.


11 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. Not a lot of people like eating chocolate that tastes like toothpaste (as they like to describe it). Grade 6 ako when I first tasted it. Hinahanap-hanap ko pa till now.

      • Soap? That’s so funny! Masarap? I remember my favorite cow eating bars of soap. Once, I distinctly remember placing a bar of soap on the ledge near the trough, then when I looked for it, wala na. I though “na-matanda” ako (I was very young and gullible pa nun). Then one time, I saw her stealing the soap in one quick sweep with her tongue! Sya pala ang salarin.

        • Baka may lahi akong cow? I think I ate small pieces lang naman, not an entire bar (nag paliwanag pa). I don’t remember frothing naman from the bubbles. Maybe what attracted me was the color or the scent? Weird no? At least, kahit cow, may ka-taste ako. These days very rarely, when I see the soap Cashmere Bouquet, I smile. Maybe that was the brand I used to snack on.

  2. I just bought now from Wellcome Supermarket, near ur house in G. Tuazon, Sampaloc, Manila. A pack of 12 pcs. cost only P 38.50. Ang sweet ng son mo…

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