Lombardi’s – Shang East Wing

Son was craving pizza. We were supposed to order for delivery at home. But because of his shoes, we decided to meet up in Shangrila.  And so he looked for and found an Italian resto for his pizza craving – Lombardi’s.

Located on the 4L, the place serves good food. Son ordered pizza with shrimps (sorry I can’t recall its Italian name), husband ordered spaghetti with meatballs (his standard order when he goes to a pasta place for the first time), while I ordered minestrone soup and osso bucco. I was feeling a bit cold and wanted to warm my tummy, hence the soup which I shared with the two men after a few spoonfuls. So full of vegetables I couldn’t take too much. That was the only soup in the menu. It was good in a really healthy way. 

After we were served five slices of bread and a small serving of olive oil with balsamic vinegar and a hint of lemon, the pizza came. Then the spaghetti and finally my osso bucco. Son was surprised when I asked for the chili oil. He hadn’t yet tasted the pizza so I said it didn’t have too much flavor so the need for some kick. I promised I wouldn’t put too much lest a coughing fit ensue. I was judicious in pouring the chili oil which enhanced the pizza’s flavor. When I got to the leaf (basil), the pizza tasted even better. I’m glad each slice had just one leaf because had there been more, I’m not sure the pizza would have tasted as good. The leaf’s purpose was like a cherry’s on top of a sundae methinks.

The spaghetti. It had three meatballs. (TOSH’s spaghetti also has 3 – what’s with 3 meatballs on spaghetti anyway?). Husband gave me one. I said why the entire meatball when they weren’t too big to begin with? But after taking a bite, I wanted all 3 meatballs. So good. Full of flavor and I didn’t notice any extender in the texture or flavor. I wish they had the option of adding more meatballs though.

Finally my osso b. I should have taken a photo. The risotto was lovely. It didn’t have mushrooms or anything more than rice and some other hidden ingredients, I guess. I did taste wine in it. The osso b was tender. The amount of meat was generous, so with the sauce! I can’t wait to go back to Lombardi’s if only to eat osso b. again.

We ordered tiramisu and I may be exaggerating but it’s the best I’ve tried. I also want to go back for another slice. Son ordered panna cotta gelato. So rich and creamy he couldn’t stop raving.

The one who took our order was Charles. He was most gracious and helpful. Solicitous too.

I’m glad Lombardi’s is in my favorite mall. It will certainly see us back again.Image


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