My Funny …


Back when he was 7 years old, he was dressing up for leaving Negros in our sala when he announced, “Ma, may butas medyas ko.” I said “Okay lang yan, no one will see it.”

We rode Cebu Pacific then and believe it or not, the jackpot question/challenge was – bring me(the steward or stewardess) a sock with a whole. Son excitedly removed his and won a one-way ticket to Bacolod. Of course he never got to use it.

Speaking of socks, one time, he was still a young boy then, I said I bought 3 socks. he asked, “walang pair yung isa?” 

Another time he said he was experiencing “thorns and spikes” as opposed to pins and needles. I guess he got the term thorns and spikes from one of the books he was reading then or a video game which has lots of text.

This morning, as he was dressing up, he was carrying this pair of shoes I couldn’t remember he had. He said “high school pa ‘to.” I was curious because while it had the Adidas stripes, it was as flat as a pair of Onitzuka Tiger shoes.

At around 11 a.m., he called on the land line. He asked, “did you get it?” I said what? email? or Text? He said Text. My phone was on silent mode then so I hadn’t realized. I checked my phone. He said he had sent a picture of his shoes “na bumigay na.” The picture:



My son’s second name is McGyver. Look how he kept his shoe “intact”. He said he’d get a new pair during his lunch break.

Funny son. I said I liked the improvised design of his old pair and wouldn’t be surprised if Adidas made a special edition using his design. Using rubber bands too.


4 thoughts on “My Funny …

  1. You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention.
    Bongga pala prizes dati sa Cebu Pac. Ngayon supercheap na. First time I flew, kasama ko TheHusband, nanalo sya. The flight attendant asked for 2000 five cents.

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