Celebrity Sightings

At Shangrila last night, I noticed a beautiful lady being pushed in a wheelchair. I thought she looked like a movie star and indeed she was. My favorite movie of hers was Banda 24 where she was paired with Jackie Belmonte, who was my crush then. Of course you don’t remember the movie or the man, but the lady in question is still very much around: Helen Gamboa. Her foot was wrapped like Robocop’s – okay, in a cast that’s high-tech, not a plaster cast which is so yesterday. You get the drift. When the one pushing saw I was looking at them, he gave a warm smile: Tito Sen it was. There was a nurse with them. A few seconds later I saw one of the Sotto daughters and a little later, Ciara who’s a lot prettier in person. Months ago, I saw her with one of her sisters in S&R at the Fort. The Sotto siblings are apparently very close to each other.

Tito Sen’s smile sets him apart from Vic and Joey whom we have had the occasion to see in person. Neither one smiled. Tito Sen’s smile looked like he was about to crack a joke. 

Husband said they seemed like a big group and one was a black basketball player, he said. I was hoping to see Danica and Mark Pingris. Wrong family pala. 🙂

I hope Helen’s foot isn’t causing her too much pain. She looked like she was wincing/grimacing.


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