Greenhills after a long spell

I had been seeing pictures of it in a friend’s FB wall showing her and her son having a dimsum breakfast there after mass. And I had been curious for a long time. But somehow, I didn’t think husband and son would be interested in trying out Gloria Maris in GH. Yesterday, on the off chance that I could convince them to try it out, I brought up the matter and they agreed.

GH is so different looking now. Promenade has been extended and the extension for now has 3 additional movie theaters. GM has basement parking which is very convenient. Right across the slots for the disabled is the entrance that leads to the elevator. Bravo. So unlike Shang’s old wing where one has to go to the far side to access the ramp.

I reserved for 12 noon at around 930 am and the gracious lady who took my call said yes. Reminded me of Lugang which accepts reservations only for 8 people minimum. When I reserved, the lady asked which section I wanted the reservation for. Having read about the set up in GM Greenhills in the Awesome Planet, I told her in the fine dining area. The two other areas are hotpot and dimsum places. At the fine dining area, one can order from the two others but not vice versa.


The biggest of the three is the fine dining so it was far from full. Conversation was possible as the tables weren’t cramped. After lunch, we passed by the dimsum and hotpot areas to get to Promenade and the two were so different from the fine dining and from each other. The dimsum section is really noisy, the hotpot is less so.

Food – we ordered yang chow, sweet and sour pork (husband’s standard fare by which he judges how good a CHinese resto is), prawn balls with wasabi mayo, and scallops with egg whites. Husband was deliberating between sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken but the lady who took our orders said the pork dish was crunchy. So there. When she mentioned wasabi mayo, I pleaded for extra mayo sans wasabi. She acceded. The scallops dish wasn’t in the menu but she said they had it. It was served with Chinese bagoong but son had it with vinegar, which I also preferred. Husband wanted it with bagoong.

I was hankering for century egg but the lady who took our order said that what we had ordered was enough. not to be convinced, I asked if they had a century egg dish so she called the expert in purple who said they had it: two egg dish with spinach. So midway into our meal I ordered that and it came when we were done with the rest. Done as in full, not done as in no more leftovers.

Verdict – the sweet and sour pork was very good, so was the scallops dish. The prawn balls was excellent. The spinach with century egg had a fishy taste – I don’t think I’ll ever order it again. Earlier, not expecting we’d be that full, I had asked about their asado pie. Lady in purple said it was a dessert. But while it was served us, we weren’t able to eat it. perhaps tomorrow.

A caveat – the scallops dish was uber expensive, as in. I was shocked at the total bill and when I checked, the culprit was the scallops. Oh well, it was worth it in the sense that there were many slices of the scallops and these were big slices. And they were tender, not tough. Rationalizing? Seriously. The price was maybe almost the same as if we had ordered half a Peking duck, two ways? And the soft drinks cost P90 per can. In Lombardi’s they’re kinder: a can costs P40.

So there. Good Chinese food in GM. But if you want to avoid being shocked, ask for the price of an unlisted dish you want to order. Got that?


After lunch we proceeded to Promenade, the old Promenade to watch Elysium. The lady in the ticket counter said it was showing in the new wing. So we got tickets for the screening thirty minutes later and killed time in Fully Booked. It is much smaller and was darker than it used to be. But there were so many cute items. They even had hard case Gela skin for my obsolete iPhone 4s. They had lots of Moleskine – Little Prince, Lego, Snoopy, etc. Key chains featuring Roald Dahl characters. Bookmarks. Books of course. FB is always a joy to go to. Now, if only the lighting were less somber. Are they closing down? We dared not ask.


To Elysium. The theater, oh my, I think I’m getting sick again. It was freezing cold. I had a scarf tied around my bag and I had to use it to keep warm. It barely succeeded. The movie is a sci-fi one with Jodie Foster and matt Damon. I like both but neither succeeded in keeping my attention. I dozed off, woke up, dozed off, woke up. At one point, when I woke up, the screen had this head without a face which had been blasted by some weapon. I decided I was better off asleep and dozed off again. So somehow I just have to guess what the story was about. It was set in the mid 21st century when the world was polluted. There were robots (?) policing Earth. Etc. etc. Don’t trust me to tell you anything else accurately. The ending I saw. Want to hear it? Nah. I won’t spoil the fun for you. Yup, I decided to stay awake when I realized the movie was about to end.

Son and husband asked if I had slept. I said yes, the aircon’s temp was so conducive to slumber. Wheee….

Below is a photo of the tubes, pipes, grill – whatever that encloses the disabled in the empty space reserved for my ilk. Two sides have it. So we don’t roll down, I guess. Thoughtful of Promenade to do that. I think the space can accommodate two wheelchairs. The blue thingy is my bag. Sorry the picture doesn’t show much but I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t be scolded for using my camera. Reason.




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