Gustatory “Discoveries”

For want of a better word, it will have to be discoveries.

One: Barcino in Power Plant has lunch buffets on Sundays and I don’t know what other days. We were there yesterday but all tables were taken except for the ones outside which are tall (cocktails type). Maybe next time.]


In HK, (wow international, hahaha), there’s this siopao bun that’s baked or fried. Really good. Son brought some as pasalubong. He got it from Tim Ho Wan at the HK station (train, I guess). Goes for HK$ for 3 pieces, or P18/piece. That’s way cheaper than the asado pie I got in Gloria Maris that went for P40 per and was tinier.

Update: I just saw in FB that Tim Ho Wan is coming to Manila soon! It’s Michelin rated and the buns I was raving about are pork char siu.

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 8.02.43 AMYahoo!!!!


When my son and his friends were in HK, they had it for three straight days. How’s that for an endorsement? Of course, he said, it was also because the pork buns were filling and cheap. Delicious – most certainly.


NInyo’s now has Japanese black paella. Saw it in their FB page. Will order one of these days and give feedback. Can’t wait!





Got a bottle of Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce. The first time I saw this was in Blue Kitchen in Shangrila. I think there were at least 5 bottles. I asked for one but guess what? All of them were reserved by one lady. Yesterday, in BK Power Plant, there were bottles of Soyaki. Got one but have yet to try it.


Also got beans (sugared but dry) from BK. P105 or P110 per small pack. Asked HHA if this is sold in Marikina. She said yes. One of these days I’ll ask her to buy. Am sure it’s cheaper there.


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