Jipan: When sorry gets annoying and becomes meaningless

Were it not for the quality of Jipan’s bread, I’d not go back and buy its products. I’ve had so many unfortunate experiences with this bakeshop it’s incredible why I still return for more bread.

Once I got chicken sandwich but when I got home it was nowhere in sight. I complained but not forcefully because it hadn’t been included in my bill. I did call and was told it was in the counter. I was so sad because I wanted to try that sandwich.

Second incident – I reserved three loaves of walnut raising bread. I was assured I’d get my three loaves. So I went to the Megamall branch and when I got there, they gave me one loaf. They said the one who took my call must have thought there were still three loaves. My goodness, I had asked her to ascertain there would be so my trip to Megamall would be worth it. Alas, just one loaf.

Third incident – today. I wanted to try out its lunch offerings so after choosing some breads, I asked for the menu and ate with HHB. They had totaled my purchases and checked them, I was assured. When we got home, I was excited. One of my purchases was green tea croissant for son for whom I had bought it. I said guess what, I got you green tea croissant with white chocolate inside. He exclaimed, wow, two of my favorites.

So I carefully checked my 4 bags of Jipan bread. No green tea croissant. No maple syrup croissant. No Monro bread. 22/25 items were present, 3/25 were absent. Not a bad average but isn’t 25/25 much better?

I called and was told the three items were there and I could just get them the next time I go back. Jiminy Cricket. I buy in bulk from Jipan precisely because its locations are not my usual haunts. In fact, I only went to Glorietta today for Jipan. I don’t want to wait a month to get what I had paid for. Not fair.

The one who took my call had me talk to the manager and of course I ranted. I told him I don’t as a rule enjoy getting angry but when the service sucks, I complain. He apologized. Fraze Tecson I think his name was.

He promised to have the three items delivered at 3 pm tomorrow. I trust he will. He sounded sincere.

I asked him to please improve their service so I don’t have to ever call again to complain. Earlier before proceeding to Jipan, I was in Greenbelt. I called them up, hoping they’d have cura personalis. I know they deliver, so I asked if I could just order the bread and have it delivered to GB5 because I find it so tedious to go all the way to Glorietta. The lady on the other line recognized my voice and said, you shop in Megamall, right? I said I did. But she demurred. She said she’d have to ask their Mandaluyong office if bread could be delivered to me in GB5. OH my goodness.

Had it been Marks & Spencer, that request would have been a no brainer. It has happened before that I wanted a blouse while I was shopping in Shang. My size wasn’t available. They called several branches and found one in GB5. Guess what, they asked if I could wait and they had someone ride the MRT or LRT to pick it up for me.

Oh well, the Tantocos know what service is all about. Sadly, not too many other  establishments do.

Tantoco-owned entities rock, Jipan…. find the word I used above. Luckily for them, their bread is too good to pass up.

Utopia is so elusive…..


Update – Jipan did deliver yesterday as promised. At least.


5 thoughts on “Jipan: When sorry gets annoying and becomes meaningless

  1. Grabe. Parang Chowking lang.

    Meanwhile, yan ang gustong-gusto ko sa SSI stores — yung customer service. They really go out of their way to help and please. And most, if not all, are knowledgeable of the products they are selling.

    • You said it. SSI’s is the standard to beat. There has been a time when I’d describe a blouse no longer available but which they used to carry, and this sales clerk in Power Plant knew what I was referring to. Very good training, apparently. 🙂

      • HHB was witness to my latest Jipan experience – their denying delivery to Greenbelt though they actually have a sign that they deliver in Makati, and their oversight later that required them to deliver to QC. HHB said “na karma sila.” When I relayed the story to my sister she said “true, because had they just delivered to Greenbelt, you’d not have known of the green tea croissant.” Moral of the story: buyers should check items purchased? Tall order no – especially if you’re buying a month’s worth of food stuff. 😦

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