SM North

Husband wanted to buy a laser printer. Colored. This should have been among my errands went I went out Friday. Then he realized the trade in promo of Samsung was next weekend yet – pay day weekend, so while the printer was in the wheelmobile, it stayed there. Later, when I got home, husband said he realized it wasn’t part of the trade in promo so I could actually have gotten it earlier without having to wait for next week. Oh well. Husband called Villman branches and some didn’t have it on hand, SM North did.

So we went to SM North. First stop: lunch at 1 pm. Along the way, son saw a tarp about a Korean resto. Not Seoul Garden, but something on the ground floor. Then he remembered: Chef’s Noodle. So we went down. Having parked in SM Annex, we had to take the elevator in The Block to go down to CN. Elevators in SM are always full. And no gallantry there, just survival of the fittest. And they’ll try to beat you into getting in one even if you got there first. Not that this phenomenon is not present in more upscale malls. Is it a cultural thing? Sad.

Chef’s Noodle is not expensive. Their best-seller, Chef’s Noodle is but P99, good for two or three people. We got that, bibimbap, shrimp sushi and a steak something which was basically ground meat, bacon, fried egg and cheese. Very tasty this one, husband liked it. I liked the shrimp sushi which was torched before being served. Had a smoky/grilled flavor as a result. Chef’s noodle was okay, bibimbap was wanting for more beef, okay I was not very happy with it because it was mostly veggies. Son added soy sauce and chili sauce to it so it would taste better. And he said it did. As we were so impressed with the sushi we ordered another, this time beef sushi. I preferred the shrimp. Total bill was less than P900. Presented my PWD card so got a discount. Bill went down to P776, I think. Because of our bibimbap order,we got a glass of red ice tea free. Very sweet, son said. because our bill was at least P300, we were entitled to gelato. But they had run out so we were given melted strawberry ice cream. I didn’t like that. Melted. Oh well. There were four kinds of dessert one could choose from: Stairway to Heaven, Full House, Coffee Prince and yikes, I forgot the fourth which I had watched also. Yes, they’re titles of Koreanovelas. Didn’t order though.



Went to Uniqlo and there was a lot of new stuff. Lots of jackets and vests for really cold weather. Not wearable in our side of the world but if you want to go abroad, get them at Uniqlo. Cheaper than in other stores. They had several colors of parka also, around P1200 or lower.


I would like SM North if there were fewer people, but then that’s how it is. Very challenging to negotiate and get by, especially elevator wise for someone in a wheelchair. If I were walking, I wouldn’t bother to wait for an elevator to get me one floor down or up. Whatever for? Sadly a lot of people prefer waiting for and riding elevators and the elevator girls in SM North are not like those in Megamall who refrain from filling the elevator up if they saw several people in wheelchairs waiting in some floor. In one floor where we were waiting there were two others in wheelchairs and a baby in a stroller, but the elevator girl filled up the elevator still when we were on a different floor. Husband told her “huwag mo nang punuin para makasakay yung naghihintay na naka-wheelchair sa taas.” She ignored my husband. OH well. The sign on the doors of the elevator saying “Give priority to the PWD, elderly and pregnant women” is virtually useless in the North. Guilty: customers and elevator personnel.


11 thoughts on “SM North

  1. Forgot to comment about your experience at Chef’s Noodle. I liked it and would like to try it soon! I am fond of asian foods especially sushi, (one of faves), any types… I love to eat japanese and chinese cuisines! I am feeling hungry now… Haha! lol πŸ˜€

    • Hello again. Do try Chef’s Noodle then. For more daring takes on sushi, you can also go to Omakase and Sumo Sam which has all sorts! Again, thank you very much for dropping me a line.:)

        • Omakase’s locations are as follows:

          Molito Lifestyle Center
          Alabang Zapote Rd
          Alabang, Muntinlupa
          4033279 or 7711443

          Ayala Triangle Gardens
          Ayala Triangle Gardens,
          Makati Ave
          Bel-Air, Makati
          4673150 or 6213427

          Greenhills Shopping Center
          Connecticut Arcade,
          Ortigas Ave Greenhills San Juan
          4709807 or 4898506

          Il Terrazzo
          G/F IL Terrazzo Mall,
          Tomas Morato Ave
          South Triangle, Quezon City
          3324115 or 4741059

          Unit 207 Interpid Plaza Bldg.,
          E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
          Libis, Quezon City
          (02) 437-0075.

  2. I love the way you detail your stories… really I am now craving and wanting to go back soon there! Hope it’s december now, timing for my annual vacation leave.. Yupz, I will be coming back home soon (balikbayan), just for a month, just to vent off from the stressful life of working here as an ofw… πŸ™‚
    Na-miss ko bigla ang SM North, we used to hang-out there with my nanay and younger brothers during our childhood years, spending our sunday weekend especially playing computer games at the arcade (our hobby) then we go to our El Tagalo Restaurant (now gone) where my tatay used to work to take our lunch… I remember we always love eating beef sinigang… those precious moments, good old childhood days… πŸ™‚

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