A Gallant Man

Early this morning, I got a text from the secretary of Wheelmobile asking if I wanted it. Who am I to refuse? Truth is, I was mulling over calling because I so enjoyed my Wednesday outing, I wanted more. After a few minutes, I texted back, “Yes!” And so Mang Roger came at 9, though I had asked that he come at 930 a.m. 🙂

Should I go to the bank for my ATM card? No, I didn’t want to stress myself. The bank I’m referring to is the one whose ramp could be accessed from the side of the bank rather than the street. U-shaped. And chances were, I rationalized, at least one car would have to be asked to move out so I could get to the ramp’s “entrance”. So to Shang I went, no stopovers along the way.

After getting husband a set of tools for his drone, with HHB I hied off to the basement for lunch. I wanted Sizzlers steak, forgetting it no longer is there. Instead, as HHB suggested, we ordered from Kimchi.

Kimchi didn’t have my beverage of choice: Coca-Cola. It did have ZERO but that’s not my cup of tea (Coke). So I told HHB to look elsewhere. In the meantime, our orders were ready. But as I couldn’t wheel myself while holding on to the tray, I told the Kimchi personnel I’d just ask HHB to get it for me later.

I wheeled to one of the empty tables realizing belatedly that there was a small white bowl of Goto King on it. It didn’t look yucky so I decided this table was mine. Shh, but see, when there are chairs in my way, I just nudge them with the wheels of my wheelchair. I was doing this when lo and behold, an old man removed the chair I had nudged so I could position my wheelchair better. Face palm. I thanked him profusely. But wait, he wasn’t done. Like a doting dad or grandfather, or maybe uncle or older brother (I couldn’t place his age), he removed the small Goto King bowl and transferred it to some other table. I was beginning to melt from such kindness. Thought that was it but wait, there’s more (to quote TV channels that sell stuff or EB hosts like Paolo and Jose). Guess what, he leaned forward and asked, “Would you like me to get your food?” OMG. I smiled and waved my hand and said, “no, I’ll let my companion get it later.” He said it was no problem and proceeded to get the tray for me. I thanked him as he laid the tray on the table.

I wanted to give him something but I was so uncertain on what this should be. What would you have done? I wasn’t sure how my gesture would be interpreted besides. So I decided to pray for him in the meantime, while ruing still what to get him. Fruits? Ensaimada? Coffee? I couldn’t decide.

This old man was with a companion, perhaps a relative or friend, who was about his age too. He didn’t figure in at all, so why do I even mention him? Ah yes, as HHB and I finished eating, I saw GM (gallant man, gentleman) leave their table. There went my chance to reciprocate with something edible. C, I thought, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. My thank you was enough? Plus prayers for his good health.

So there. Chivalry is not dead at all, especially among the older generation. Shucks. I’ll tell my son this story so hopefully, in his generation, he will be one of those who will be like the old man I met today. 




4 thoughts on “A Gallant Man

  1. Oh ma’am, thank you for sharing this story. It made me so happy. I promise to work on myself and my generation too, so that there’ll be more people like Mr. GM.

  2. That’s so sweet.
    I don’t know who said it to me, but it goes something like “do not diminish the kindness by repaying it; instead, pay it forward, and pretty soon, it would be a chain of kindness”

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