Christmas Shopping and then Some

After getting tools for husband’s latest toy and having lunch, picked up a few things in the grocery, among them, pinipig which I like in my hot chocolate. But pinipig is so difficult to come by, I’ve been without it for months. Son himself looked for it once when we had hot chocolate for breakfast.

And guess what? The Korean bean paste tubs are no longer available in Rustan’s. Sigh. I should add this to the list of one I asked a sister who goes to Korean groceries to buy. Will that be abusing her goodness? Must think further before proceeding.

Didn’t get anything unusual in the supermarket, just a few necessities because there were presents to buy: a brush for sister, toys for grandsons, gifts for a doctor and a lawyer, and then C, your gift. TPS, yours too. But C, your gift has a story.

Saw this item I thought you could use. Paid for it while asking HHB to bring stuff already bought to the WM. Before HHB arrived, I was done and had to wait for her. I stayed near the entrance of the store and as she took a while, I started to wheel out and then saw her. Then proceeded to the third floor for the lawyer’s and doctor’s presents, then to the fourth for the grandsons’ presents. I wanted to pay with my BPI credit card in the last store when oops, I couldn’t find it in my wallet, nor in my bag. I was getting antsy but tried to relax. Then I thought I might have left it in the store where I got your present, C. I tried checking my account balance using my phone but of all times I couldn’t connect to the Internet, it was then.

As the presents were still being wrapped, I told the personnel of the toy store we’d be back for them.

HHB then proceeded to the store on the second floor. Before I could say anything, the cashier reacted and reached for my card, apologizing. Actually, he wasn’t the cashier I had transacted with earlier, they must have described me to him.

I tried to connect online using my phone again, still nothing. I asked if I could use their landline. Cashier gave me the phone.

BPI took a while to answer but when it finally did, I had to talk to the operator as their voice feature was unavailable. I explained the matter to her, asked for my account balance which she gave after several verification questions. How much did you pay the last time. Ugh, I was in a state of panic so initially I couldn’t remember. I thought a while and luckily, the right figure came forth. After explaining the situation to her, the operator asked if I wanted to block my card but I said it was okay as my balance was correct.

But as I rode the WM home, I thought it best to have my card blocked, just in case.

I called BPI and was told so far the transactions reflected were the same ones I had made. But the BPI personnel recommended I have it blocked just the same as the card could be used without the other party’s having it physically, for online transactions. All he needs would be my card number and CVC. For the replacement of my “lost” card I’ll be charged P400 though the BPI person said she’d try to get it waived because the reason I was having my card replaced was the possibility that it was/could have been compromised. So there. Two working days before my card arrives, she said.



On the way home, in the Katipunan flyover a few meters prior to Sta Clara Church NB, traffic was super heavy. One reason: a vehicular accident. A red City’s hood looked like the top of letter A, the SUV in front I couldn’t see the damage to. The one driving the red car was a young man, a college student, I think. The one driving the van was a mother-like person. WM driver said likely, the red car’s driver/owner was texting, hence the accident. Texted son about it. Our exchange follows:






One thought on “Christmas Shopping and then Some

  1. Awww. Thank you.
    Alam mo, we had an episode din sa SM City Cebu. Naiwan ko yung tablet ni Sam sa grocery cart. I didn’t know it was there, eh konti lang pala ang bibilhin ni TheHusband. So iniwan ko sa isang tabi (haba ng paliwanag ko ano?). Ay, we were so frantic. Buti na lang SM staffer ang nakakita. Second episode ko na sa SM eto na may naiwawala and find it in their care later. I should blog about it.
    Good to know you were able to get your card immediately. Re card being used online, it’s true. I had an officemate who said that in his previous work, he can get card numbers and CVCs, which he illegally used for buying porn. True story.

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