I can’t recall how long ago, the HHs say maybe 4 or 5, when we bought a Fisher Paykel refrigerator in SM Megamall. I was so pleased with it as it appeared to keep foods fresh much longer than the brand we had before, okay, Panasonic. But late last year onto some months ago, it began to emit strange sounds. Food began to spoil really quick. The first time this happened, we called for service. The man came and taught us what to press when the refrigerator acted up aurally. We did as told and the food stored in the ref stayed okay as long as previously. But the incursions to silence grew more frequent and each time, someone had to press a button for silence to resume. This happened anytime of the day or night, waking us from sleep sometimes. yes, the refrigerator is in our bedroom.

A few weeks ago, son drank milk from the refrigerator and pronounced it rancid. Days previously, salad which would normally keep for a week or longer, became spoiled after just three days. I thought it was HHA’s faulty preparation that was responsible. But son, after tasting the milk, opened the refrigerator door and said it wasn’t cooling. Had husband validate son’s observation and he concurred. The freezer for its part was okay.

As we no longer wanted to call service to address the matter as it hadn’t done much good previously, we decided to buy a new refrigerator. No, not FP any longer, but Panasonic. Why? The refrigerator in the kitchen which had been bought years prior to the FP one was still working fine though a bit noisily.

The new refrigerator is an inverter model. True it is pricier, but it’s supposed to consume less electricity, ergo, we should expect a lower Meralco bill. And this model has the freezer at the bottom.

HHA is happiest. She’s not very tall so the design suits her just fine. As for the Meralco bill, we have yet to see the difference.

Hope Panasonic will stay well longer. Note that the ref light is LED and therefore, white rather than warm white. Takes getting used to a little.



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